The Last Knights

“Not all things worth doing make men rich,
But all things worth doing make rich men.” – IV

I’ve allowed complacency to sink in. I won’t pretend I did not see it coming. I was not immune to the great sickness that has plagued us. Resistant, Yes. The ugly truth though is that my resistance only served to magnify the eventual depths to which I fell ill. As I walked around infected it began to seep into my well; deeper and deeper. Drinking of the poisonous milk as it slowly grew more potent hid the corrosion from my observations. The rooms grew darker, the lights fainter, and all along I thought I was still glimpsing the sun.

Early on I could feel the dichotomy that existed within me rage and erupt like the surface of our Sun – Much like the tumultuous currents that roared beneath, I knew no peace. It wasn’t that I was intentionally destroying what I had created, no, I needed more observation of the two interacting and giving way in order to captain with the ideal philosophy. If it took me a bit of time to be certain in my heading, then so be the course.

Have you ever put out a fire with nothing but the air in your lungs?
You have to hold a long time, ignoring all the signals, against all those inhibitions.

Many rights and wrongs occurred before I grasped the philosophy of life I felt beating between my flesh and spirit. Too great an ascendancy of either meant a tearing pain, since the two could never really be severed as long as I lived; And since I endured to live while I was present, I scored greatest in balancing the dimensionless with the physical. In the moment, they meet cheek to cheek; yet as often as one is permitted to gallop, so is the other. In short, I have small regard for the absolute rock or for the absolute feather because neither have stretched out a hand to other out fear of what they might become.

If you’re scared to be hard, then you will only bring suffering, if you are scared to be soft, you will only break

And I hope you understand that when we talk about nights it isn’t just the time of day that takes place when the sun isn’t out. It’s a much darker place than the evening you spend reading and writing books with a little smoke in your lungs. It’s the kind of lightless you lose things in, things you tied to your fingers. You’re going to need your fingers to feel around when you get here.

We are the ones we are waiting for

Quotes for quenching – 23

“Sometimes a kind of glory lights up the mind of a man. It happens to nearly everyone. You can feel it growing or preparing like a fuse burning toward dynamite[…]Then a man pours outward, a torrent of him, and yet he is not diminished. And I guess a man’s importance in the world can be measured by the quality and number of his glories. It is a lonely thing but it relates us to the world. It is the mother of all creativeness, and it sets each man separate from all other men.” – John Steinbeck

There were those who asked for my days, some found lost in my face, others demanded my word, but none took my demons besides you. Perhaps this is to say I’ve been sifting through all pouring forth from me like the great Yangtze River delta. It must be that I have within – a vast reserve – as I have yet to be eroded. Will you come to view the canyon it creates?

If at anytime I’ve begun to say too much feel free to use kisses to shut me up, I will appreciate it as you keep me from trailing off.

I don’t worry of such an event. I just keep churning, yesterday which was today, and tomorrow that shall join in, will all run unrestrained into my ocean of experience and become my history. Touch me; Taste me; That is my proof; I have yet to run dry – I’ve run up on shore, but I’ve always found myself afloat not too long after. It was always orchestrated anyways. I don’t do anything without knowing the cost to my character. I’m the fucking captain on this vessel, I’m the king, Yes, I put the crown on – but I don’t look down; Still I’m the king, anything that goes wrong comes out of my pocket. I’m responsible.

Don’t you know? Don’t you know? No one should have to tell you.

The Ones Without Wings

Don’t forget the little things that you deem lowly

They’re so good at what they do. I just want to sit and hang out with the worms while they eat their breakfast with us.
You ought to give thanks to those who do so much for you – It might not seem all that much, but it is everything.

Lay and dream in moments of plenty,
Plenty of work to do, and beds to make
Here in the sunshine it’s still dark below;
With or without light there are gifts to sow

So long, enough I have enjoyed comfort
Now to get to the heart of this summer
Pierced by being just the right time to tick by
You all know as well as I the morning’s sigh

Yes, me and the evening go way back –
We’ve been known to take a few shots,
I wouldn’t call us guns blazing, but we’re hot
Back to back we greeted the crack of dawn
Took a shallow breath and said our goodbyes
Put our guns down and let Sun rise

Yet somehow we both made it out on the other side
And every now and again we joke about it;
Doesn’t much like the name I came up with,
but High noon works just fine, and we both laugh.

Call us lazy, but we are doing so much to make sure that the cogs in your machine have something worth turning for.

Quotes for Quenching – 19

“She’s a catastrophe with a pretty mind and a dirty mouth” – but that’s just how you like it

(Not sure who wrote this, but I saw it on some picture) ^

We’re all over the place, but in the way you’d want to be. Touched down in the land of promises by the time everyone else is opening their eyes – and not a soul knows the things we’ve left all over the eastern seaboard. No one will ever know, because we’ve left no discerning marks, no material trace – Only the ephemeral scent of an ideal, a dream for only one night. She thinks about art all day, but not in the way you’d think about it. I mean, she looks in that mirror and I don’t think she sees herself. I don’t know what I see anymore; Or even who! I look through a lot of it. It takes a great deal for me to focus back in on all the minuscule meanderings of conversation, if we can call it conversing, that has diluted the creativity in this place.

She wants the original, she wants to feel what there is for the first time; And we all know that it definitely gets harder – The things we start writing up get more intricate, get more wild, and go far deeper. We drown for a time. Yes, it seems like a trip. It’s all phantasmagorical but this, this isn’t it.

Lady, how long have you been wading here?
You of all should know that it’s the perfect spot.