I’m Going To Take You Into The Dark

Now I’m afraid of what she finds in the dark, as I’ve seen her crawling, and sprawling me with her arms.
Do you know dangerous? Have you ever been trapped in a labyrinth? Would you walk straight into the dark and trust your senses – or would you put your hands out afraid to leave the wall? I’ve got words for her that describe a horrible tragedy beautifully, and she’s looking like it. Wonder if there is any point to all this? I’m sure death could be such a point, but only for a moment – I guess the only question that matters is, “Is the grass wet?”

I’ve begun to feel that the drugs are a way to think;
I’m beginning to think that the drugs are a way to feel;
Your body pressed hard against my frame, at this rate
It seems no matter what I pick up, I can’t put it down
My reason neglects it or I’ve got a good one to abuse
Told you do it right, so your eyes change and light up

Burn these clothes off to get our souls off, awakening
Standing in the rain and I’m all lightning up, every oz,
Of love is another 28.35 grams I’ll hit of us till it’s gone

You want more, this bank is always open,
Walk through that door even if you’re choking
Want some air, there’s none of that here
Only what you need; Come and get lifted.

“Come and get lifted”

Oh you missed the hues you couldn’t see with the lights on didn’t you

I’m On My Way

When I feel that my own side of the bed is cold,
Some things start to make sense, fallin’ into place,
I’m wondering what I’m writing on my own face

Why does it become so hard towards the end;
to kill off my demons?
Why do they scream?
Why do they cry in my ears?
Why do they refuse to go from my flesh,
without suffocating my cells to the mitochondria,
Am I to ever be free of these dead birds around my head?

Alas, I walk amongst tall woods,
and by the branches spread,
I glimpse the true light;
my mind wrestles my heart,
my body all but torn to part,
whispers I need not fear,
for my soul, be I all ears,
will find me at rest some day