What Inspires Me Most – Along The Way To Golgonooza

Day to day the little moments in which I am alive; Those little instants in which I take a breath consciously and hold it just a little longer: Even though at surface level that’s impossible. The face of the earth and all her beauty; Her light and her darkness, her softness and her necessary adamance. Her hope in the face of doubting shadows – Her desire to give when the vessel appears empty – Those who gift happiness because they would never have it all to themselves; You, yes you too inspire me most with all your growth and elements I’m still discovering.

Let me take this walk along the countryside where I will find you down by the riverside, tip toes dipped in the water running wild child, I want to reach out my hand and fall into your stream, with a howl at the moon beneath it’s glow, from the depths of the tall grass, I’ll soothe your bones, deep into the night we’ll topple walls, walk among the ruins and step down from thrones, because we could have it all, but we learned from the fall: The way we smile when we found out we were born of the stars; It’s common courtesy to remind each other of our natural wonders and here beneath this willow tree I use my will to feed on you the ripened fruit while you watch me bleed out all my tragedy; Here I wear no mask because there is no need: Always the universe was inside of me; Hiding is impossible when you are lightning – So why don’t we really brighten up, crash down and start a primordial stew for two – Thirst is an understatement when you’ve devoured the dunes, have a drink I’ll pour it out of you, fountains will flow, and mountains will move. The winds will breathe change and we’ll have already left our old ways – And then we’ll go for a run, stretch out these limbs and fly for fun, all in a day when you know how to play – Along the way to Golgonooza

Will I see you there? Will you walk bare with me?

They Still Lost That Bet

I’m exhausted. I’m altering my style. I’m coming at you more fiercely, I’m more direct. I know to pull when it starts to get too heated – We know to breathe when we get too out of breath, but we don’t slow our pace – We don’t want air as much as we want to feel a genuine burn in our lungs; You just need some laughs shot into those veins. You don’t take breaks like you should, and I go right on without lunch. You do not look me in the eyes like those few times, fuck; If you ever did stop time it was when you were mesmerizing me with those gems – As for my ability – I managed to slow it down a few occasions by reaching out my hand to call you back to bed; Really the clock nearly stopped when we were nose to nose.

Can I be soft for a night?
May I melt into the sidewalk?
Would a laugh attack be alright?
Could I wipe cake on your cheeks if I’ll lick you clean?
I know you’d hate that, but it’s the lion in me!
I’m a loud roar, and the playfulness of a child we all need
I’m never too dangerous,
You know that about me.
I’ll take you to the edge,
and hold you over just so you can see it
Will I let you go over? Only if you ask me

She won’t look at you, & you know you don’t deserve closure; Not like the kind you’d get from her gaze where when she closes her eyes – After she looks away, Like the sealing of the garden of Eden – You’ll never find yourself to be a smiling memory on her mind. You’ll be random triggers; She’ll end up pulling; But she’s not afraid, we’ve nothing to lose. These things are ambiguous, like short term parking or, to be fair – If that is possible – The look she gives you as she leaves the library. Or maybe she doesn’t. We’re just people making up stories in our heads to tell ourselves as we lay down to bed. It’s really not that complex, if you can get your neck out above the weeds.

Yes, Step up to this next level,
You’re the goddess and deserve this view of the temple
The key is to keep your feet moving
Regardless of the situation your grit keeps your tempo
Do you think this is a good time?
Do you feel like this could be your first life coming so high?
You could sing all night for a breath of air.
Silence would be the last note on the score,
Tune so good everyone hits repeat though;
It’s absolutely rude of me to listen to you again after you go.

Do you want another example of how I don’t let anything rest in my head? I know the dangers of taking things too far, but I also know the reward for risking sanity – The danger of being too safe is eating far more potential than my forays into depths of the unknown – Everything is calculated. You’re calculating right now. Should you look up? Should you focus on the possibility that what you’re seeking is directly before you? Or do you keep it on your mind while restricting where you stare off into the distance; Fearful that you might have to confront something your eyes land upon – It’s costly to live; You will always have nothing, giving everything each day; I told you before what Euler proved right? Do you know how much effort I have to exert to get crystal clear ice for these drinks? Not all that much if I take the time to use the right tools. Everything is about using the right tools for the task at hand; That is if your skill is lacking. You know that skilled individuals can accomplish more with less – So what are you waiting for?

The sky was so big it broke my soul,
Reached to hold hands, and I turned into an ocean;
Became part of what I knew I was,
So vast but we still fit inside the only cup

I know you’ve been waiting and it’s hard to keep up with how careful I’m being – With how I may or may not be acting. You should do whatever you want, this is your vigil. It will be your last breath after all. I know you; It’s hard to feed yourself; So much is hard to swallow. The quiet has its lulls. You have your lulls, when you let yourself collapse. Have you ever burned a forest? Have you ever built up that friction amongst the tinders of your soul and blew gently with your heart’s weepings to set everything at your back, everything that lays before you to waste so you might pull from the last smoldering cache; like a slow birth, one agonizing shriek at the singeing of your finger tips as you reach in accepting the charring of your palms, to rip from that mess of ash the last ember; The reason we burn our forests

You know your worth is more than my lost wings.
I did not cut them off for you;
But the gods still lost that bet on what I wouldn’t do.

Not Something We Could Continue To Drink From

So you failed to do the one thing that would allow you two to communicate again in the future?

I want to admit something here. There is no guilt attached to this – I suppose this requires changing the initial stance. To admit something one usually attaches a bit of reluctance. I’m making my statement; I’ve made a lot of choices, and they all keep rushing by as the breeze does. They pass as the breath through your lips, and they are past. A season for nurturing, for growing, for learning, all one in the cycle of becoming – The wonder at this stage is where have I not gone? I’ve long been up in these clouds laying around trying to be down to some type of reality that fits my sense of originality, but the case is strong that you; Yes, you are not reality. The way you use words though are as hard hitting as an upset fist against my walls; Unrelenting… Without pull, I follow through. Place your open palm hungry upon this cage and listen for that faint faith, that sign of the eternal sun… that eased hand will bring you to balance.

I wanna kiss you,
Worthy of my words,
To feel soothed,
Drowned in rhyme,
This river of lines
Flowing, caressing,
Harnessing the power,
Of what beats in these chests
And you are the chalice,
You are the peak,
Of the highest mountain,
The truest of my soul,
The mirror you do hold,
Far more value
Than all the world’s gold
And it is intrinsic, within you,
I want to kiss you,
Beauty in the temple
To go further is natural,
Climbing up, you are such,
That gives me courage,
To press off the demons,
To look them in their eyes
And tell them they’re defeated
I want to kiss you,
Staring into your light
Like eternal sunshine,
Of the spotless mind
You help me live,
Without the fear of sin
Like I’m staring down the sun
Till my eyes, No longer match the sky
I want to kiss you,
Even if it meant I’d lose sight,
For to see your beauty
I do not need my eyes,
No my mind can draw you,
Awe inspiring, in perfect hue,
Yes I do, know that you
Want me to kiss you,
Not at the temple walls,
Nor on its steps or at it’s door,
But within on the altar,
Where we can come to love
So open up, I want to kiss you,
Again like dew says to the morning sun,
Warm me with your rays,
Gently with your touch,
This is magic, this is essence,
This is the spiritual quintessence
Highest of the high,
Melded with the sky,
With time and space,
Waves that make our bodies shake,
I want to kiss you,
Under all the stars,
Before we find the calm,
Looking up and we are gone,
To the farthest reaches,
still in touch, our lips,
They want to proclaim
The greatest bliss,
Yours and mine one ship

You’ve got to step down baby. Do you know what is over that line? Do you know what’s it is like to forget the passing of time? I am not in a position to say anything about what you can handle. I’m just giving fair notice. I’m sure of myself. I can’t be sure of you. I keep myself balanced, I know me; How far I go one way is what I must travel, and if I’ve ever delivered you anything less than that then you need to check your compass – I know what I have weathered. I’d say it’s the altered mind states speaking again, but I haven’t had the good stuff in quite a while. I haven’t enticed venom from the viper’s fangs for what seems to be a mess of days blurred together long enough to place outside short term memory. I’ve been feeling again – We almost never intend the worst case, but I meant it. Now hold your curiosity; You don’t want to imbibe this yet.

I could hold you,
but that would be untrue,
I won’t show you,
What things keep me up
What’s your tune,
I want you to stay fooled
As long as noon,
by then we’re out of bed.
A long line dreaded,
I hear you’ve felt heaven,
In which direction,
Do you see me headed
I took a breath,
And awoke intoxicated,
I’m certain now,
I’ll keep drinking forever

When the well becomes poisoned,
do you keep drinking from the fountain?

We Grew Up Through The Cracks; Our Limbs Wrapped Like Vines Around Olympus

I know what this will do to you. You have to know me by this, time is irrelevant. You know me.

I seen her undressed of course; that first time you were hanging, your neck so far off the edge of desire you could see the River Styx inches from your face, unsure of which side you found yourself on because there was no way it could still be the mortal realm – You’ve been wrong before, this was one of those times – You learned just how great the realm of flesh could be at it’s peak; Certainly it crossed into the realm of divinity. I seen into those mirrors. I seen the eyes of a god peering into those of the goddess. The real immortality was how long you could stay in one moment; Standing on the mirror like surface of a vast body of water far longer than natural law allowed; The slow draw of a bow string while the nimrod marks his aim, hanging like the pull from a final kiss before parting for the afterlife – You try to catch the breath, with quivering lips, in hopes of pulling their entire soul into yours one last time.

Lessing could not believe that man was born with a thirst for
knowledge only to be damned for attempting to slake his thirst;
Quite frankly neither can I.

As soon as we realize that we are dying to take the greatest risk,
we begin to live, for we naturalize and know that only now exists.
Nothing is forever, you can not put time in the bank for a next day,
The only return you can get on time is to be here in this moment!
So go for it, risk the wilderness, find the treasures of life abound;
and remember now, to appreciate it all while accumulating none.

The last time always goes so far as to mislead you that it isn’t the last time. That doesn’t change its nature though. It was, and truly that is all. You want me to laugh? I might if you’re funny. I might if you touch me. I’ll write you music, but it will take me some time, if you would but give it the silence needed. I’ll work tirelessly till it erupts from my soul; from the silence will spill beauty in notes bold and captivating, but It will take me time – If you would but give me the silence needed.

I’ve been looking God in his eyes,
all this time I was in his mind,
And it’s a dark place sometimes,
Always breaking light to find I,
Here I’ve been ignoring my,
Desire its my ire, got me burning,
While I feed this fire
lay it down, so I can burn it down,
put it down so you can drop it down
Rising up so the stars can take us home
Night shadows, like lost meadows
Here we are lost in times tempo
Kissing the lock of buried treasure,
Bring you up, its the next level,
This chambers loaded,
I’m dancing with your devils
Dangerous; It’s the telos.

This is just terrible. I am enraptured by your wonderful sounds. Just absolutely soothing; easing the tremors in my weary soul – Even if for several mellifluous moments. Will you dance in the rain free of restraint; Or will you wonder what might have evolved from this swirl of blood and water? It’s funny, We shower off and I don’t feel so much. Are you trembling – Is it because of you or me

If We Were Kids

I don’t think you’re ready for this. I don’t want to scare you, but everything I’ve ever done has been trial by fire. I know now the flames must be pretty hot, but you know I’m near the end of feeling the heat. Did you feel that chill? No? I must have been thinking of trekking through that blizzard. I’d pay the price of a plane ticket to that storm… to brave it again.

In the beginning we had this childlike curiosity, Oh it was infectious. Who lost it first? Heavens I held on, I never ceased to be amazed by you. I just felt shunned. I felt shut out; Like I couldn’t have from you what I hoped I’d tasted in every kiss…that initial fever never faded; The hint was on your tongue – I’m still in belief that I could unlock the mystery if I could steal a kiss every day until the end.

Look how I use my words, yet I never used them for you. And my actions were blind. I can fucking speak too! I never spoke beyond the obvious to make you certain of the detail, every fine grain of the world I felt. I have to keep going though, I can’t pause. I can’t reread because I’ll read you forever. I’ll read a line over and over because I can see so much there. Even I’m still mastering my ability to speak everything that is expressed quietly, and you know how I can go down.

I seen her dressed up a few times. Nothing made me feel more proud than the smile she wore when she was her all dressed up. Not for how great she looked, but for how fucking free and great she felt. I always tried to make her feel that way. I succeeded here and there, but I guess I missed a few exits. I missed a few lines. I missed a few nights. Most nights I missed. That’s just where I was able to show up at that time. I never knew I wasn’t there. Of course I was right there, but I wasn’t always there like I had hoped to be. I was lost in another direction, the ship was just off shore – You always try to jump, you always try to reach that damned ship, maybe even have plans to help raise the sails once you’ve found your feet on deck; but no one can walk the water – There isn’t enough salt in it to float me – I guess I’m heavy.

I still think on it as if I could have taken a different turn, if I had noticed the faults a little earlier – It just gets lost in the waves even if you think you’re keeping your eyes on it; Have you ever swallowed several mouthfuls of a wave that smacked you in the face a few times? A wave usually hits you once, but I got hit a bunch by the same ones. Is that like lightning striking twice or just shitty positioning? I suppose everything is how we prepare, and apply ourselves. It can’t be said that I didn’t try – was it my best? Maybe it was the best of me then, but I could do better now – If we were kids; I’d always let go of your hand a little reluctantly – Kids know, they know how swift a hand to hold can be lost. If we were kids, I’d hold you till my dreams dragged me off half asleep with whispers of you in the other direction. I’d wake up fast though; Excitedly remembering you sleep beside me. I mean when you did, if we were kids, but we’re not.

It’s no longer a surprise to me how I wake up – I rarely sleep through a night, I’m not restless or troubled. It may seem like I am. I’m just explaining to you in the best way I know how. You’re listening to me right? I know this is unlike anything before it. The message is the same. I wake up alive. I wake up calm, and ready to imbibe. I stopped drinking for a while. It just has a way of teaching me so much. I’m not drinking now – I wake up thirsty though, for water – Maybe a few pecks would suffice, I could never drink enough – Water will have to do for now.

I missed it. I wake up calm. So calm. Not concerned that it’s 2AM or 3AM or any time before 6AM. The number of hours doesn’t worry me. How many have I eaten to this point? I’ve got things to do that people like me aren’t made for… I am slowly convincing myself I’m capable of anything – That other spirit, we know he is capable of anything, but I’m still working into reality. I guess I’m in reality, but could I really come out the other end of that tunnel without destroying myself? Am I really that good? –  I know me You know me

Who the fuck are you?
Are you a sage?
Are you trying to look brave?
Don’t be afraid of me

What Does That Say About The Moment In Which We Taste Each Other’s Soul?

I’m not quite sure how to explain this. It’s surely love, but not like I ever imagined. Maybe that’s because love can’t really be imagined the same way we are able to feel it. I can go days living and never worry that I’ve missed a thing. When enough time has passed we come to each other; With all the learnings of the days gone by; You kiss me with intrigue – A constantly shifting river flowing from the one and only source. It can be summed up only like this; If you know how to love, you’ll never run out.

I won’t make promises because I know how circumstance can rear Its head – But while everyone else is disappearing, running, or assigning blame, I will remain calm and ready to take on the wave. Bring to me storm, and I will show you all that is calm! I know what you’re thinking; Most the time I am a storm; And I just want to crash into your peace, shake you up a bit – I’m just trying to prove we’re alive! We are, we’re alive and I know this. Watch me burn a few more minutes off the life I’ve been given command of.

To understand this: I love you, but I’m mad at you. Does that not mean something absolutely perfect to this all? Could any other words lift such a weight and bring on a soothing relief? Is this not transparent? To know that you have the right to be angry with someone, and get that it doesn’t mean things are over, that it does not mean irreparable. It just means I need time, I need space, I love you, now be quiet and go, but not too far – If I don’t come back; Come and find me.

Look at you fucking smile. Look at that fucking cracked crescent moon. Who could shut the blinds to your gentle luminescence. You reflect what is good about me – At least; You help me to see what I’ve always overlooked, whether you know it or not. You’re a fucking storm, and I don’t know if I can weather you.

Deeper than words, that’s the touch – A beautiful death is only right. And what do you want from me?

Storms give us the chance to emerge refreshed, and discern for sure that we are alive. You are a storm,  and I will take you in.

I’ve Got Lightning In My Fingers; Do You Really Care If I Won’t Promise?

I’m gonna break you off,
Disconnect you from that bullshit,
Get you high on our dalliance,
Let’s hit this catharsis!

Time to becoming,
Walking my fingers across your stomach
Got your troposphere ready to spill,
Turn my lips to your sky,
Ready to drink down till I drown
I’m coming; Up only to crown you
Queen, I’m so proud of you!

Bad, but all we are is nature,
Resplendent, looking at your architecture
Such eloquence as you evocatively throw it back at me.
If I wasn’t so good with this mouth
You’d probably find your frisson ineffable
Let your moans get the best of you!

Yes, I am; I’ve got you cursing! In between sighing this name.
God almighty couldn’t sign it like me.
Script across your chest,
Whatever is on your to do list,

So I put my name down – Let’s go another round
Sing with those vocal cords, I mean ring the bell
Count to infinity; 1 Mississippi, 2, and 3 you’re hooked.
Which is dangerous baby, I’m not your intervention
Maybe just a few more bumps; I won’t cut you off
Just ask and I’m delivering; Nothing short of gourmet in the kitchen
Told you once that I had lightning in my fingers,
Tapped you twice, and brought the thunder,
Summoned the rains; We swam under the covers
Now you’re chilling on the bed lighting that cigarette,
Sparked up high on the moment!

So let me ask one more time of your critical thought,
Do you really care if I won’t promise to put the danger down
Long enough for us to obtain resting hearts?

I Haven’t Been Me So Much Lately – So I Set It Free

I’m a wild love,
I’ve got things in my closet you want to see em?
If the Earth could speak do you think she’d be a freak?
I think you’ve got her song on
Do you like hands on your throat?
Could anything be more ambitious?
What’s more of something you’ve never tasted before? A sure thing.
When I pull up roaring for the night I won’t wait
I wonder what notes you like to hit the most.
Talking like you really want to bite it: The apple and the snake.
Turned up with some demons,
You trust yourself; I trust me
In the end what’s worth doing?
I’ve never been richer, so let’s give it all away
When it comes to this…
When it comes to grinding hips

I know what you need,
Dressing down while I chase you around,
I think you know what I mean
Going to strip you down
Deliver you to this high
Flip you over I know what’s on your mind
Change position, Baby I’m addicted to friction
Lady let me ask if you don’t mind my asking…
Where’d you get that ass from? Amazing.
I’m feeling on you Déjà vu,
Had to hit it again so I could savor the taste of you.

I’m thirsty for you baby, believe it when I say I can handle me
I’ll fill the bathtub up with gin and drink my way down to your thighs,
Dirty Martini, Sink me under, I’ll come up touching from your lips to your tongue
Baby watching you do you from below is so fun

She Could Freeze – She’d Rather Melt

So what’s the next thing on your lips? The word could be leave or silence might come up from your lungs screaming, “Give me something to hold on for.” I could write moans across your body Hemingway couldn’t put into phrases; Sex for salvation you’re your own saviour – My hands broke the bread.

If you were to speak now, I wonder how many sighs of ecstasy would be necessary as I grip your thighs. Would any number be overdoing it? Let’s overdose; I know fear when I see it stalking in the corner of someone’s eyes, and baby that’s not it roaring in yours.

Look what’s hanging now – Anticipation herself on the precipice, begging; Kisses upon your navel to resurrect every nerve cell that thought it would never be touched lightning hot, boom – Thunder, I’ve already struck. The next thing on your lips will be, “More!” followed by me. There is no such thing as enough

I Can Go Deeper – I Got It Like That

I’m off forgetting you like it’s something new
Can you hear me? Don’t try and steer me,
You don’t get me, no big deal to me, I’m not tryin to be a mystery
Lookin’ for something that’s harder “than just getting me” to see
Oh cause them others you just got all figured out,
They’re not deep enough to matter a lot,
Can’t hold out their arms and stop the clock,
Or touch your hand and start your heart
Slow it down and speed it back up, with only one call,
Maybe you’re the one or maybe you’re not,
Right now I’m not worrying a lot, Got the future in mind.
Along with my life, you trying to jump on a bumpy ride?
That’s alright, baby trust me I can smooth shit out for you
If I so choose to, Not here trying to lose you, I’m just young
Fun, and I’m moving a lot, so if you really down for me, try and keep up
Take the shot, don’t back off now, we’re already driving off the lot,
Aston martin music, baby top notch, hands firm on your ass, hear the sound as your heart pounds,
that’s your adrenaline, speedin’ you up, now I’m going to slow you down
Grab hold of you and take you down, good lovin’ bout to hear you nice and loud
as your vocals echo, mattress music sound, Bring you back from the atmosphere
Feed you with sanctification, I know you’re stayin’ here
and give you another second For your lungs to grab some air,
oh you thirsty let’s not forget hydration, i’ll take your mind off of it
Yeah you on a mini vacation, There’s no currency here but lovin’
And I’ve got plenty of it, so I hope you thought this through
Plenty of seconds off your watch you spent wondering what to do
But you and me both know That you don’t want to move,
Keep it right there, now put it there, wait that’s what up
It feels right when I got you tight, Hostage situation?
Maybe you can run one on me later tonight,
after this I know you going to throw the fight
Didn’t I tell you I’m sort of a mind reader, maybe more a sign reader
I read your body and now I’m telling you what I see
You can not get enough of me, so inhale deep in your lungs because you think
You can capture me like 0-2,
and as soon as you go to exhale, I’m leavin’ you, C-oh-2
Kind of like a boomerang, I’m here and then I’m gone again,
but if I throw you right, you’ll always come back to me

I wrote a rap