Wisdom of Woja – 04 Seeing What You’ve Always Been Looking At

“You know people change, and sometimes it is shit, but they have to do it, because at one time they weren’t that great to start – So it ends up working out.”

You’ll see things differently; And I don’t mean from other people. You’ll see things differently from how you see them now. People, yourself, crushes you’ve had, ideas, events, all of it. Things that once made you lose your temper, perhaps you’ll keep it now. The things that once made you sad, perhaps you’ll smile instead. The things that have made you feel – Let’s hope they make you feel more – When you begin to see through your eyes without any tint, if you can align everything reasonably, nothing will look the same, and you will still have new things to discover.

What Does That Say About The Moment In Which We Taste Each Other’s Soul?

I’m not quite sure how to explain this. It’s surely love, but not like I ever imagined. Maybe that’s because love can’t really be imagined the same way we are able to feel it. I can go days living and never worry that I’ve missed a thing. When enough time has passed we come to each other; With all the learnings of the days gone by; You kiss me with intrigue – A constantly shifting river flowing from the one and only source. It can be summed up only like this; If you know how to love, you’ll never run out.

I won’t make promises because I know how circumstance can rear Its head – But while everyone else is disappearing, running, or assigning blame, I will remain calm and ready to take on the wave. Bring to me storm, and I will show you all that is calm! I know what you’re thinking; Most the time I am a storm; And I just want to crash into your peace, shake you up a bit – I’m just trying to prove we’re alive! We are, we’re alive and I know this. Watch me burn a few more minutes off the life I’ve been given command of.

To understand this: I love you, but I’m mad at you. Does that not mean something absolutely perfect to this all? Could any other words lift such a weight and bring on a soothing relief? Is this not transparent? To know that you have the right to be angry with someone, and get that it doesn’t mean things are over, that it does not mean irreparable. It just means I need time, I need space, I love you, now be quiet and go, but not too far – If I don’t come back; Come and find me.

Look at you fucking smile. Look at that fucking cracked crescent moon. Who could shut the blinds to your gentle luminescence. You reflect what is good about me – At least; You help me to see what I’ve always overlooked, whether you know it or not. You’re a fucking storm, and I don’t know if I can weather you.

Deeper than words, that’s the touch – A beautiful death is only right. And what do you want from me?

Storms give us the chance to emerge refreshed, and discern for sure that we are alive. You are a storm,  and I will take you in.

I Haven’t Been Me So Much Lately – So I Set It Free

I’m a wild love,
I’ve got things in my closet you want to see em?
If the Earth could speak do you think she’d be a freak?
I think you’ve got her song on
Do you like hands on your throat?
Could anything be more ambitious?
What’s more of something you’ve never tasted before? A sure thing.
When I pull up roaring for the night I won’t wait
I wonder what notes you like to hit the most.
Talking like you really want to bite it: The apple and the snake.
Turned up with some demons,
You trust yourself; I trust me
In the end what’s worth doing?
I’ve never been richer, so let’s give it all away
When it comes to this…
When it comes to grinding hips

I know what you need,
Dressing down while I chase you around,
I think you know what I mean
Going to strip you down
Deliver you to this high
Flip you over I know what’s on your mind
Change position, Baby I’m addicted to friction
Lady let me ask if you don’t mind my asking…
Where’d you get that ass from? Amazing.
I’m feeling on you Déjà vu,
Had to hit it again so I could savor the taste of you.

I’m thirsty for you baby, believe it when I say I can handle me
I’ll fill the bathtub up with gin and drink my way down to your thighs,
Dirty Martini, Sink me under, I’ll come up touching from your lips to your tongue
Baby watching you do you from below is so fun

Lessons For The Broken Compass – An Alchemical Journey

You don’t have that same intense curiosity in your eyes anymore, and you know it. You stopped fanning the spark, and let the flames settle down. Everyone knows how much of you the blaze consumed, but you don’t have to do none of that for us; None of this will get it all back, and we all missed the forest anyways. Thankfully it will grow back in the time between now and eternity; and knowing you, that’s got to be your plan. You’re smart, you know you need the trees, and soft grounds to walk across. What happened to your wilderness will always be a singe to your senses, but it won’t bother you so much. You know you’ve got to be able to start again from your beginnings and never breathe a word about your loss – That’s the joy of growth.

Yes there is much to be sowed, as infinite to be reaped.
Would you know the difference between self and wheat!

You Painted My Face – Now find Me Grateful

It was morning now. It was sunset then. It didn’t matter what time it was. The faint glow of a stretched out sun reaching gently across the sky to touch you there; I touched you there; with warmth – Like laughter and heartbeats pumping the flow through our veins, the cool kiss of the floor on our bare toes kept us in tempo; Yours curled.

The light built temples upon your skin, your lips were the steps. I adorned you like the plumed serpent of El Castillo de Kukulkan, only I climbed up. The gods know your tongue was the lock, decorated like Pandora’s box; And catastrophically mine was the key. With it I lit your mouth like the Midsummer solstice ceremonies; Yours, you allayed the seas – The way the light touched you there; I touched you there…

If a spark was required…Then it was you who inspired the flame that I burned this pyre with; The old world turned to ashes, and as far as I’m concerned through your eyes, like stained glass, shone the only sacraments: Fierceness and certainty – A made up mind. The light danced with you as it peaked above your crown; I made you laugh, and bit your lip; You hailed me king, and gave me a kiss. I held you down to the mortal realm, but our cloud was high.

Just a few more notes played upon the organs; Touched with such warmth, in such light, I truly am at peace. I seeped through the window for a few more moments before I gently fell beyond the horizon. The light touched you there. I touched you there. Forever, I feel you everywhere

How could I not be?
If it weren’t for my patience,
I swear everything would be waiting.

It is a Choice – Albeit Difficult

It is a choice… a choice to feel, however I feel for those who have not a choice. They are so overburdened with the power to feel, they just don’t stand a chance in this storm that tears and howls at the heart strings. To make matters worse they often don’t even recognize it until it’s too late. They’ve been so blinded by feeling their whole life, that once they start to gain some sense outside of emotion, it becomes apparent that they have felt all too deeply. This is usually their end. They try to put to paper the endless stream of tears that may or may not show. More often than not it consumes them; a fire they can not wield. They end themselves. Be it through a long drawn out sprawl of life defined by sadness and brief moments of extreme joy or early on rather than put on a truly disorienting act escaping into the minds of others. Rarely there is the occurrence that one chooses happiness and unlocks the understanding that sadness reaches its lowest point, ending with death, while happiness has no limits. No man will ever put his smile down and gesture, “No more joy, I shall have no more laughter for I have had my fill.” One realizes that despite being ‘full’ of happiness and jubilant to the point of potential explosion, one will not actually explode. That is because happiness expands, it grows, spreads, and multiplies. Indeed it is contagious. A contagion worth spreading. This happiness further lives on, even beyond the life of the individual from whom it stemmed. This is when the searcher has found what was being sought, concluding it had been within all along – That it is a choice!

Monologues to Self