Quotes for Quenching – 16

“Time heals all wounds. And if it doesn’t, you name them something other than wounds and agree to let them stay.” – Emma Forrest

I watched her walk around with it for a long time; She saw me do the same – It was in our eyes, in the way we hesitated to say hi. You know, everyone has questions they wouldn’t mind asking, but it’s too much to ask of a person if you aren’t sure they wouldn’t mind. It’s too much to try and press yourself into the cracks, and attempt to soak out whatever shouldn’t be left to fester. So that’s what happens. Eventually we get around to tending them or someone else comes around and reminds us that we should take care of it – That it is okay to take care of yourself. And that’s when we get the chance to grow, where we are reminded that silence is our friend. We want to say something, but we have broken that trust, and it is up to someone else to restore it. Don’t woe over what you did in error because that only leaves behind what should be removed. Years later it will be healed, and forgiven; All things in time will be fine.

I was chasing through the city of faith, if I could just reconcile my disbelief with where I had found my feet. She was inked – Far more than the sketches of past lovers covered her skin. Even the hardest of warriors can kneel before the softest of things; Don’t be fooled, this softness is purely out of love – I mentioned once – The fiercest thing I ever felt was her bearing fangs down on me. I quiver at the way I was rounded out, the way I was gleaned from roughness, the way my cracks were filled as she lay atop me pressing into whatever wounds I now have long become one with. That night she gleamed like the crest of a lighthouse from my chest, and still I could only pretend to not be blind to love.

Of course I wanted to ask, I felt it deep within me to know what you held, but I knew it wasn’t my place to – I always wondered if you understood my silence, and if you never did… I accepted how you’d see me.

How Best To Learn Of Your Magic

I wasn’t always consistent – I was consistent in that though. My thoughts gave birth to a delusion that I unknowingly wedded to truth over a brisk summer bonfire; Inspection of my actions would tell of divergence from the center. I let go of the wheel, and everyone else was screaming. You, finally had enough of me. No one else could drive like I could. We tore through a whole night without direction and things burned; Oh I swear I held the torch, and forgot I was meant to light the way. It was my fault. I was blamed. I take responsibility, if you didn’t know. But the pressure was immense – Is that ever an excuse for falling short, for not having adequate flexibility a breath’s breadth from adversity’s maws? I know I’ll never do so again, but is that still a viable explanation?

I know it doesn’t fix anything. I get it. You don’t get to turn anything back – We don’t turn this ride around.

I saw it all burning. You wanted the joys one sucked from the marrow of life; Marrow is so deep. When you pulled from the stones what you wanted, my understanding was not enough. I could only bare to look for a few moments at the destructive path I had wreaked. I had to divert my eyes. Never again will I stand by without action; Never again will I forge such weaponized words. I’ve hurt enough, and all I want now is to heal.

Who knows how to heal better than the one who has most intimately wielded destruction
Further, who knows best how to destroy than the one who has healed the most devastating of wounds.

I never thought you’d be the one to shoot me; I guess point blank was the only way I’d go.