This is not home. No matter how much I’d like it to be. My only home is me. I’ll have beds that are comfortable, people I’ll love to lay with, but home will never be any of those. It will only ever be me. And it’s hard saying that seeing the way we’re all so perfect in this moment. Everyone has a good laugh now and again, but I’m always having a good one – I don’t want to laugh about this. If only we all could be comfortable in our own skin for long enough – No it’s not enough to fit in the skin, the labyrinth is where it all begins. I could tell you from the beginning I knew we’d have a hard time settling in.

Quotes for Quenching – 18

Do not spend your life searching for a place to call home. Make the bones in your skeleton the only structure you need. – Haley Hendrick

With time as your skeleton, how many years go by before you realize it’s been a while? How many lives will you live before your breath has awakened you, shaken you; I can not bear to watch you approach these crumbling towers. You were born with the will to power, stop running from your strength, stop clinging to your weakness; You don’t realize it but you’ve been building pillars your entire life – It’s time to use them as they were intended.

With or without the light, you stand tall.
Do not wince at the winds in the dark.