I’m On My Way

When I feel that my own side of the bed is cold,
Some things start to make sense, fallin’ into place,
I’m wondering what I’m writing on my own face

Why does it become so hard towards the end;
to kill off my demons?
Why do they scream?
Why do they cry in my ears?
Why do they refuse to go from my flesh,
without suffocating my cells to the mitochondria,
Am I to ever be free of these dead birds around my head?

Alas, I walk amongst tall woods,
and by the branches spread,
I glimpse the true light;
my mind wrestles my heart,
my body all but torn to part,
whispers I need not fear,
for my soul, be I all ears,
will find me at rest some day

You Painted My Face – Now find Me Grateful

It was morning now. It was sunset then. It didn’t matter what time it was. The faint glow of a stretched out sun reaching gently across the sky to touch you there; I touched you there; with warmth – Like laughter and heartbeats pumping the flow through our veins, the cool kiss of the floor on our bare toes kept us in tempo; Yours curled.

The light built temples upon your skin, your lips were the steps. I adorned you like the plumed serpent of El Castillo de Kukulkan, only I climbed up. The gods know your tongue was the lock, decorated like Pandora’s box; And catastrophically mine was the key. With it I lit your mouth like the Midsummer solstice ceremonies; Yours, you allayed the seas – The way the light touched you there; I touched you there…

If a spark was required…Then it was you who inspired the flame that I burned this pyre with; The old world turned to ashes, and as far as I’m concerned through your eyes, like stained glass, shone the only sacraments: Fierceness and certainty – A made up mind. The light danced with you as it peaked above your crown; I made you laugh, and bit your lip; You hailed me king, and gave me a kiss. I held you down to the mortal realm, but our cloud was high.

Just a few more notes played upon the organs; Touched with such warmth, in such light, I truly am at peace. I seeped through the window for a few more moments before I gently fell beyond the horizon. The light touched you there. I touched you there. Forever, I feel you everywhere

How could I not be?
If it weren’t for my patience,
I swear everything would be waiting.