Tool Box Love; Guess Who’s Screwing

I guess I don’t know what happened.

I blinked and everything came unraveling. I think I had some sort of accident that left me numb, left me closed off from my natural rhythm. She wanted me to read my poetry at a coffee spot where a bunch of people did that kind of thing. I said of course, of course I would show up and read some wild shit they never heard before. Her eyes lit up – She was hesitant to speak on what any of mine meant – But she knew she wanted to be a part. Ironically she’d come to be bastioned within them before she had even known that she possessed the desire. I started drafting the fortifications before she was able to draw any curtains; Another odd chapter to be fleshed out of a man who was convinced he had been hollowed out.

I will carry you,
I will, carry you.

I’ve always felt blessed to be able to feel people’s tensions. I never read too many books because I was busy reading the words not on any page – I know things I shouldn’t, I know things before they come into the picture.

I lived to never put up any walls, I welcomed the truths even if the pain would have me coiled up. The vulnerability is something I wanted to know fully for when the time was right, and now it’s clear the time to act is past; The time to open the cage is here. I no longer smell what fear had lingered dear, I only smell the blood stirring, and the sweet rivers.

And it’s on our minds, question unavoidable, why have I stayed so long, when we know the cards on the table – There is no royal flush in this hand, I’ve swept the floor and I know what I’m looking at. Oh that was vicious, I’ll admit it; You shall learn to know that if our time on this earth is so little, faking love shouldn’t take much of it.

I’m missing everything you say,
It’s not important what you stay for;
The sink is overflowing,
but no one is turning off the handle.

The thing with dark haired girls is that you always find their hair in your bed, whether they ever lay in it or not.


Wisdom of Watkins – 1

Do you just not want to kiss some?

“Most I don’t want to kiss, If I could fuck girls and not kiss them, It’ll be great; Because I only enjoy doing it with someone I like. Me and you are talking all our sadness out this weekend – Every day is our weekend. We both need it.” – Watkins, On Me and You.

Despite our feelings, we divest ourselves. We give in reluctantly and it’s like screeching tires as the brakes are slammed, and with all the signs of danger, we just shirk a little as if it’s nails on a chalkboard-Even though we’re headed for a pileup.


The Urge For Magic Is Forever

You can’t put it down and walk away for good;
You know, it’s only being overlooked!
The key is the palm of your hand;
Let my finger tips quietly explore them,
And trace the spells of imagination.
Soon you’ll know the gift you’ve been holding

– Open up! –

The woodland sprites have laughs that are ripe to crack
How much joy would you cast on me?
Don’t you know that you’ve got it like that?

You see everything here is based on systems; And the systems of this place do a great many things for man in his pomp, but each of these systems get things a little bit off, each system is skewed to the side just a little bit. When you add up all those little bits, things start to become quite mad; Don’t they all just howl of madness? With all the things their rank and file provide, they still can’t seem to settle down without barking. Still they insist: stand here, only eat a bite after the person to your left has placed their fork, do not stay up past midnight, and never leave your bed in the night’s hour. Oh I can smell the scrutiny, the fear that something might be found!

Out here you should abandon those systems. You aren’t here to do what you’ve been doing in the square – You’re here to breathe for the sake of it, not to live, but to feel.

The threats of your city are unlike the forest; For I have known many dangers in the wild, but as vicious as they are, they have healed the scars inflicted by high walls, and vile psychosis – It possesses a voracious virility – Even when the fires came and the rain did not fall. Even when this body caved like a secret that came down from the mountains and left your lips. The wild joy of flesh, of bark and bite, of claw and the climax, brought me back to base so I could soar once more. Yes the forest runs deep through the dirt, and through your veins; Yet what can it do for those afraid of blood and sweat?

You don’t get to turn it off – Waking up is the only sentence.

Baby I know Places

Come to this bed at night,
Turn the light down low,
I’m trying to understand my mind;
She wonders where it is I go.
Oh I’m destroying worlds,
As I drag the ink into words;
Wondering which way will burnish my soul;
When I see potential I got to see it through.

Baby I know places,
Places we can go – It’s been so long,
By now every tree knows;
Even before the wind blows.
Do you feel that chill?
Out here in the woods;
Who opened a window?
Oh I did, to get a look at your aura!
Yeah baby I know secret hideouts,
Black markets, and magic castles;
These spots we could really touch!
Places where the wild things go!
Places where they sit quietly and wait for snow,
Places they talk up the lightning bugs,
Places you can do whatever you want to!
Hit it how I want to,
Smack your ass and grab onto it;
Out and bad since way back when,
I know places we could get disheveled in,
Baby on some faded levels,
The stuff where the senses are melded,
Come down and find yourself on the ceiling;
Talk that freak shit and get it irregular;
I don’t have a map,
But my sense of direction always finds water

Leave me out here in these streets,
If you get the chance you know what to say
But time isn’t patient, it won’t wait.

Baby I dealt with the fall.
They don’t like me walking through the kingdom,
And if I can only have a little
I don’t need it at all
but don’t get me wrong
I’m not trying to compress it,
I want this to be light as the first kiss,
I mean after we stopped from the first to catch a breath.
Them hard kisses, and then I bite your lip;
Drag mine across your universe, down, down down,
I’m going to drink a case of you!
From planet to planet,
Till I find Starla at your center
And like Storm, call the weather.

The dulling of the senses; And the drawing of the emotions – Never take to archery when inebriated.


The Way The Whole World Comes Rushing Back When You Rise From Your 8th Death

And it’s like crash, the strike of lightning crackling about you! Do you remember who you are? I thought I was clear that it’s all short; You don’t get much before it’s time to go again, so you better get yourself moving.

Have I just… opened my fucking eyes? Or did I get hit in the head with a 93 million dollar painting; The way I’m seeing right now – The way every, fuck a standard of measurement, of you, glowing, I’ll rejoice to that – I’ll return to that – but do sunflowers happen to be on your mind? Is this night extra embossed, or is the sky a bit deeper; Someone slipped me some mint twigs because my mouth just feels like I could really exhale fresh air; I must have spent a minute in some wilderness; Really every second you’re about to taste is fantastic – I dig the way your eyes are about to ask me to explain how I knew that.

It hasn’t even passed yet, let me hold pause so when you turn around and smile, I’m right here to tell you it’s been a while since… only a moment ago. Yes, only a blink prior, we were in a wheat field with cypresses, and Van Gogh had been ecstatic to catch us in our passion – Unfortunately he was a few minutes too late, and yet we made such an impression on him that he decided the scene should still be bright!

I truly adore that dress on you. Yes, again and again, you do. Nothing beats the way you undress when you want me to kiss you in all the places that get you swimming deep in the pool – Girl you sweeter than a mango, I think you’re the fountain of youth! I am in awe, with all my mathematical acumen; There are no units by which to explain the way the world has tuned your sounds to complete this symphony. Sing now, and maybe we can stay – Lay down and perhaps we’ll write a play. Would you like that? Are you into roles based on the way you walk into a room?

I refuse to be anything but here for our appointment, and no less than coincidentally synchronized upon arrival for the date afterwards.

Went Out On A Blood Moon

I’ve gone off some deep ends,
Seen some people I know real well,
Forgot their names and played it cool;
See you bastards again real soon.

We was holding communion in the kitchen
Every one was cool with it;
Then you know who came in and put two into her;
Sat at the table with my hands folded,
at this point
I’m not really sure what to do with em’

A few shots and I’m feelin’ alive,
I spilled all my emotions tonight,
I’m not cleaning up, it’s fine.
I took the bullets and still won’t die.
Experience tells me I’m good with the blood,
Now I could really use some.
I could really use some

I’d love to dance and drink, and laugh with you,
Get’s me in the zone;
To see you light up in all your bliss.
Let’s go and strike the night
Come back and lose the light;
Yeah I put on my hazards
Cause I like you – I like you hazy,
I like how you can phase me,
But even then I’m a tank &
Drugs are incredible substances
Ain’t no need to pay me to say it.
It’s just something to get you along
Something to hold you up,
Something to put in your lungs,
When air just ain’t enough.
Because we all know the trouble,
When air just isn’t a lover;
Breathing is something you do,
When you first waking up;
That’s when I like to fuck.
Got my chakras all clear and I’m tapping some magic,
I’m hooked on that bad mix
And I swear that it isn’t enough
Cause I’m up and I’m hungry,
When you coming to fuck me?

I’m going out of my way when I should of went home
Now I’ve got dirt on my hands and I’m touching you,
This is the part where I’m rough with you;
Got me way too gone, how can I be tough on you?
Dying to meet your girlfriends that you said you might bring.
Hoping that they live up to what I’ve imagined
Cause I can’t be out here on no laid back shit
No laid back tricks, nothing but the most potent;
And you know the boys coming through with some off the cliff.
Brought the 12 gauge so we’ll have to piece back some stomachs,
I just been out and bad from way back when
I’ve slept on the floor and used a water bottle as a pillow.
‘I just wanted some head in a comfortable bed;’
I guess I could have got that anywhere.

When you come to,
Will you come through?

Why Are You Worried Bout Hell

There is nothing more exhilarating than the shared experience of joy,
of indescribable spur of the moment bliss that comes when the relationship between two things collide amongst the mass of neurons as a chemical cocktail of dopamine and serotonin.

A bed for sanctuary, much like the temple within you. Are you drunk yet? Have you wet your tongue?  You’re not quite prepared to pour, let us hold off for a moment longer. What can we find at your alter? Tube rose attar, protection for your secrets – Sub rosa, be it safe. What more will we pick, a sprig of sage for healing times, dispel the ego and find your ground – Empty out all the things that passed, with courage you are what lasts. And as we peruse the slab, naturally light by candle is the seductive lure that draws us near, beeswax -burns pure – and dripped upon the surface, elicits what we have come for.

I, like you, have sought to make certain of some things – It has only lead us to pain.

I’m waking up my senses again – Fire is an effort, passion is a choice; The flames must be fanned or else they’ll die; Feed the fires or watch them go out. Quickly, pour some of the bottle I’ve been keeping, it’s exactly what is needed. Close your eyes while you do, if you can’t count the flow, then we’re going to have to lick it up, whatever it takes to get enough. You should feel it now all in the sang, blood & song. These things are connected like the root and the leaves; Further along we just taste from the bottle. I like the way you’re looking at me. Was there ever a doubt that we’d run out? Not that I could ever hear or see! Sing now! Let it all out – Breathe, breathe, the flow always moves to please, you’ve just got to ride with this, and the river’s rapids.

Why you worried bout hell,
When we living on Earth?

I am trying to keep myself out of harm, I just have a little untamed wild in me. Some stampede, some leaping faith intuition; Some full moon howls and strong wind spirits.

My Tongue Has Been So Bored

Pienso en ti,
Je serais un menteur de dire que je ne sais pas pourquoi
Een beetje van mij verloren, sleept de rest langs
Someone once taught me;

thân ái

in Vietnamese
It wasn’t very useful on it’s own you see.
So I moved along and picked up my feet

Down closer to the ground
I met a little voice that called me sweet

Ella me recordó que mi lengua podría cambiar
Hay razones por qué las personas se llaman
cosas como el sol y las estrellas.
Que la luna puede ser realmente la vida.
Que algunas personas son todos los cielos

Why I ever put that shot of whiskey down is beyond me.
Oh right, because it was tequila and I was way too funny.

Creo que voy a aprender la lengua un poco,
para ver si era usted o yo – Si la otra parte tiene un sabor diferente
Pasé todo el día el aprendizaje del francés,
así que podría usar esa segunda línea.
No soy grande en sonido.
Crecerá en mí – Al igual que todas las palabras hacen

I guess kissing your language is the closest I can come to understanding the thoughts in your head

So to myself I whisper:
Canta y no llores,
Porque cantando se alegran,
cielito lindo, los corazones.
Which puts me at odds because I’m just whispering
I guess my favorite part was pretending I had no idea what they were talking about







I think about you,
I’d be a liar to say I don’t know why
A little bit of me lost, the rest drags along


Forget The King

I mean really, I’ve known things better than crowns & having your food prepared for you -We could use our hands – Touch things they say are forbidden and laugh, You like to laugh don’t you? The one who raises your spirits with empty glasses is the real babe born in the purple – Humor is royalty – Walks through the courtyard sure are nice, but these legs, well we could run; Yes I’ve seen the way your eyes get glossy while you watch the cat dash and jump for fun out in the fields – We’ve got all these tastes we could really enjoy with our tongues, let’s stir up the ground and dig up some turnips; When we’ve had our fill we’ll prank the executioner at the gallows and tell him he’s got the wrong idea; He’ll hang your tired gown instead, and we’ll make our way to the woods where the real treasure has always been

I must warn you that the market is not open to the words and happenings of the woods. The magic I’ve taught you can’t be brought to the royal court, nor should it be used to force opinions. If one is not sensing, wide to what you taste; To what I’ve yelled in the heart of the forest and is now only a whisper at its’ edge – Then you must keep secret the wild in your head.

Will I be able to count on your mana’o?
You say I don’t have to even ask,
But honestly in times like these I do.

In times like these I do long for the wild to speak to me like it used to, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get close enough to hear it clear as the morning lark, the mountain stream, or Wind song!

The dark things here, like to hear sweet whispers too.

When The Calling Comes

The morning was brash, so brash that it shown in white or black, no mid tones. It hit like the hard drumming of blood flow through the body the day after an awful dive. Awoken, a voice echoes out into the wild expanse. Torn between geographies and conscience; You can never stay, you can only go. Call it whatever you please, but they flash and grab, the city lights won’t let you forget!

But who am I?
A devilish twist on comedy; Divine they say.
When they dim it’s a relief
I’ve been patient for the other six
but Heavens they are the deadly virtues, I ought not to wait
So I’ll go on ahead and expect them for dinner,
Unless they choose to fast, then perhaps Brunch tomorrow.
Should I be kept due to their nap or a stuck zipper I’ll have to take temperance and give them a word of kindness: I swear they get lost and forget their respect, so full of their own shadows
These righteous ones have always been the bother.

Are we there yet! I’m not surprised to hear complaints.
You should watch the tongue, how it dances will say a lot.
And how you speak in the quiet is a subtle spell to yourself!
There you go, catch a tune in your ear and become throned
This isn’t the seat you want, but it is a big stepping stone.

Little fairy mornings and bright starry nights,
So sweet to the taste bud, so stark to the mark,
Madness you call me, madness you adept pain
So perfected are you, I say I hardly feel a thing

It’s up to you if you want to take the risk of being stoned
If you’re asking me, I’d say the reward is the correct one