Quotes for Quenching – 29

“When to say what’s on your mind can haunt your soul till the end if you wait too long”

You’ve always got deep things to say, and words to speak, but feeling out the right time to let them loose is not easy.
You can’t plan the right time, you can only become aware that it is now, and that’s usually when the trigger must be pulled.

Come on, get up to it! Don’t tell me you’re having second thoughts – You’ve been waiting for this conversation for years it seems; Who knows when or if it will ever come around again.

And don’t just go saying everything that comes into your head. Breathe in and out with a steady flow. You can speak in a calm manner if you’re patient with yourself. Don’t let the train leave without you either. That would be an unfortunate regret.

Quotes for Quenching – 5

“Speed propels the vitality of life, attitude controls it, momentum maintains it, patience protects it, leadership guides it, and intellect unleashes it.”

– Unknown at this time
To be quick is to be free of doubt, to choose;
Anyone who chooses to lay too long
Will find themselves fading with the same speed.
And what of the view you have held?
Like the control gauge or throttle keeping you on
I’ve seen you slow down to a crawl, to a stop,
and forget to get back up.
Have a cool drink to keep healthy joints, sip it smooth
Our patience here will ensure we know to use our time,
Dare you try to command this,
I’ll tell you to guide your own hide
Call yourself a thinker, you’ll breathe just fine

For what reason are you so vital?


Quotes for Quenching – 4

“The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.”

― Stephen McCranie

It is more than the sun that wakes us,
It is not the sister moon that pulls us,
Through these nights, throughout life.
We rise because we have embraced;
Into the arms of effort we have leaped

At times to have fallen hard;
Onward we choose to keep.
Yes, when we do step away
It is a decision to begin again

Without fear we have burned the midnight oil.
The concern of those who have not started is long since gone.
Once you make this choice, you will only hunger.
Yes, you must open up your palms to this love;
And remember to give back to this day – More than it could pay

You’d be surprise how much light you give off

Quotes for Quenching – 2

“How could there be any question of acquiring or possessing, when the one thing needful for a man is to become – to be at last, and to die in the fullness of his being.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Our greatest works,
none shall ever see,
only the resultants,
for they go in dark,
in the light of mind,
When all is quiet, the war will rage on, silent except for mind.
In time, even it too shall come to quiet,
existence all that remains
People keep things bottled up,
no matter how much you tell them
to spill it onto the canvas.

Darks and brights alike
create the true image so when we are done
we have painted with all at our disposal
and it will truly reflect what we wanted
rather than letting the shadows persist,
un-shaped, being allowed to twist

Create thy self and let no one else!

Quotes for Quenching

At times I like to read the words of those who came before me and meditate on their thoughts. This is a series I will be doing for a while on and off where I provide a quote – delivering with it my own thoughts, and how I feel about it.

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.”

I’m exploding with creativity, I can feel it in the aether,
I can feel it in your membranes too, yeah it’s that good.
Stuffs on fire, from the roots of our trees, the branches,
please, we’re not ever gonna leave this for cheap riches,
The colors we’re painting are of the hues da Vinci was seeking
The old masters we all work in gold, our minds the transform.

I barely rest, but when I do, I don’t find myself restless

I Can Go Deeper – I Got It Like That

I’m off forgetting you like it’s something new
Can you hear me? Don’t try and steer me,
You don’t get me, no big deal to me, I’m not tryin to be a mystery
Lookin’ for something that’s harder “than just getting me” to see
Oh cause them others you just got all figured out,
They’re not deep enough to matter a lot,
Can’t hold out their arms and stop the clock,
Or touch your hand and start your heart
Slow it down and speed it back up, with only one call,
Maybe you’re the one or maybe you’re not,
Right now I’m not worrying a lot, Got the future in mind.
Along with my life, you trying to jump on a bumpy ride?
That’s alright, baby trust me I can smooth shit out for you
If I so choose to, Not here trying to lose you, I’m just young
Fun, and I’m moving a lot, so if you really down for me, try and keep up
Take the shot, don’t back off now, we’re already driving off the lot,
Aston martin music, baby top notch, hands firm on your ass, hear the sound as your heart pounds,
that’s your adrenaline, speedin’ you up, now I’m going to slow you down
Grab hold of you and take you down, good lovin’ bout to hear you nice and loud
as your vocals echo, mattress music sound, Bring you back from the atmosphere
Feed you with sanctification, I know you’re stayin’ here
and give you another second For your lungs to grab some air,
oh you thirsty let’s not forget hydration, i’ll take your mind off of it
Yeah you on a mini vacation, There’s no currency here but lovin’
And I’ve got plenty of it, so I hope you thought this through
Plenty of seconds off your watch you spent wondering what to do
But you and me both know That you don’t want to move,
Keep it right there, now put it there, wait that’s what up
It feels right when I got you tight, Hostage situation?
Maybe you can run one on me later tonight,
after this I know you going to throw the fight
Didn’t I tell you I’m sort of a mind reader, maybe more a sign reader
I read your body and now I’m telling you what I see
You can not get enough of me, so inhale deep in your lungs because you think
You can capture me like 0-2,
and as soon as you go to exhale, I’m leavin’ you, C-oh-2
Kind of like a boomerang, I’m here and then I’m gone again,
but if I throw you right, you’ll always come back to me

I wrote a rap

Before You like A Leap of Faith – When Only Reason Will Do

I know you. Well that’s false pretense. To be clear we’ve met before. We’ve exchanged deep gazes with empty words. We talked on all the things okay, but not really of consequence. You know about me. It’s hard to deny; I’ve crossed a few paths with your roaming thoughts… You go out there and face all of it very well; all the while thinking of those dire hungers which keep your heart rate a little above average. Well my question now is in the open. Are you still? What signs are you waiting for? It’s an awful place considered; To find yourself in front of a great expanse with all the potential washing over you while you just stand there – Still uncertain what to do next.
– IV

To be both the Ocean & Its container

Come a little closer baby, put your breath into my chest; I’ll press my lips to your forehead, exhaling, “This is my heaven.” These moment where at the surface not much is stirring, but without the breakwaters of your touch my boat would find the waves rougher.

I want to travel to far away places, and then far away places that used to be near places until all the places have been far and near – Until every place has found space in my heart.

You Can Find Yourself With A Lot Of Time – You Lose Yourself In A Fraction

It frightens me what words can do. I forget where I’ve been. I forget the things I’ve tasted and reasons I’ve bled. I nearly forget who I am; not entirely who I’ve been. It’s wild how many places we’ve seen. The faces I can go back to, and lose myself for an entire night without getting through an eighth – That’s time travel in the only direction it goes.

You have to remember to return; To come back. If you fail to look in the mirror… You lose it – Until you find it again.
– IV

How long has it been? No, I don’t mean since you last looked at the clock.
I want to know how long it has been since you’ve last noticed yourself.
Don’t you know? You are worth realizing; worth sifting from the river’s flow.
We may not be a price one puts on gold, but what is something you can price, other than an item for sale.
You are not bought. You’re discovered. You’re earned. You’re built. You’re realized.