I’m Not Sure You Understand

Hands on her pelvis, telling me to do whatever I want;
Telling me to go at it and use you like you’re a rag.
I’m telling you I hesitate because there is a monster;
A wild animal that the man can’t control – Terrible
If the inhibitions get removed there’s no telling
The man is a complicated beast, conflict all underneath
The things you don’t see, the checks and balances,
The hungers within, baby I want it all, and I can’t run away.
So here we are and I’m feeding those demands

She asks what it is I write about, and I just tell her real shit, and made up shit;
So anything really. She laughs and I don’t see the joke, but fuck if I care at all.
The truth is I write about the people I fuck, and I wonder if I’ll ever feel enough

I think that she likes me, ignites me,
I ruined her study schedule in one night since she asked please;
They told me to take the safe route,
Well this is a detour – Caution to the wind
Can’t stop thinking about me and the late ride
That’s unfortunate,
because for me it was just an early morning traffic slam
And now I’m through, and cruising man

Nobody compares, nobody is you, so leave with that knowledge
because I’ve got things to do

Parents don’t like when you’re out getting pipe;
Working them late nights every night,
But I’m all about it baby

Unrefined and Jagged, Rough and Magical

I was born with a memory for emotional content like the rich crust of the Earth; Get to digging and you may find every last thing done by human hands, and more – Let me remember that taste, into the basin, I will dip my face; You got such a pretty way, And I’m not talking about superficial flesh the people passing by might catch – I know that electric smooth can captivate a gaze, but I mean beneath it, all the discreet ticks it takes quiet to hone in on. I observe like water kissing every crevice on the way to the bottom of an ice filled glass.

What’s that going on? I hear you stirring in your sweat!
I’m sorry in our moments of weakness that we are not everything.

A little dryer than I recall – Reconstitution is in order – Taste of the sacred water, drink till you’re busting open! I want to grab you by your hair with all the care in the world, and see in your eyes that you’re ready. That’s quite the imagery, I wrote it to be; I wrote it to fill some cravings – I want you to take a bite. This isn’t an apple, but I’m still a fucking delight.

Now key the music, because you know me, I’ll find beauty in anything – Unrefined and jagged, rough and magical.

You Can’t Hide From The Current

Magic is something within you.

Something we can build a stronger connection to over the span of a life – or simply allow it to be buried beneath layers of running water, and closed eye. What do I mean by magic? I mean energy; I mean passion; I mean the will to get up and shock yourself with what is ‘possible’; Yes, you have a choice to unleash that energy and channel it to your own liking, to light great vision; Or the right as much as any other to let it fade and die within you.

That choice is very real, and belongs to you alone.

We’ve all seen the days where that magic has faded within us. We know what it’s like to be stuck on the low, to feel like it’s all sinking without hope. You’ve got to remember how to listen, to feel that energy. Get up. Stop pretending it’s not there!

Let me reconstitute you,  pull you from the current and throw you back into the flow – You were gasping for a jolt and now off with it, you’re raring to go – But you have yet to study the structure! Despite the lack of rigidity, there are still parts to every body of wetness. And to know them you must be dynamic: Forgo static urge – Too idle

When you get to thinking on it, you’ll come to the difference; And as you go you’ll discover the similarities.