When The Calling Comes

The morning was brash, so brash that it shown in white or black, no mid tones. It hit like the hard drumming of blood flow through the body the day after an awful dive. Awoken, a voice echoes out into the wild expanse. Torn between geographies and conscience; You can never stay, you can only go. Call it whatever you please, but they flash and grab, the city lights won’t let you forget!

But who am I?
A devilish twist on comedy; Divine they say.
When they dim it’s a relief
I’ve been patient for the other six
but Heavens they are the deadly virtues, I ought not to wait
So I’ll go on ahead and expect them for dinner,
Unless they choose to fast, then perhaps Brunch tomorrow.
Should I be kept due to their nap or a stuck zipper I’ll have to take temperance and give them a word of kindness: I swear they get lost and forget their respect, so full of their own shadows
These righteous ones have always been the bother.

Are we there yet! I’m not surprised to hear complaints.
You should watch the tongue, how it dances will say a lot.
And how you speak in the quiet is a subtle spell to yourself!
There you go, catch a tune in your ear and become throned
This isn’t the seat you want, but it is a big stepping stone.

Little fairy mornings and bright starry nights,
So sweet to the taste bud, so stark to the mark,
Madness you call me, madness you adept pain
So perfected are you, I say I hardly feel a thing

It’s up to you if you want to take the risk of being stoned
If you’re asking me, I’d say the reward is the correct one





Quotes for Quenching – I Want To Write Into Your Skin With My Touch

“…I can’t ever imagine the world without us. I feel that we two together mean something that’s got to be there just as naturally as trees or birds or clouds.” – Katherine Mansfield, from Something Childish & Other Stories

Surely you do know this, what I will say to you. As natural as the trees stand tall and go deep, they eventually fall to be swallowed in entirety by the ground they penetrated and held to.

As far as the birds fly, and as high as they soar, all return to earth; And they too seek a comforting blanket of it in their end – Which is gently observed

Your clouds! Oh how I love to lay down upon them with you, but one only needs to look at a clear sky to know that it can’t be forever – So we rise with the cast of sun rays, which splash across our face, to feed our hunger for other things.

On the note of sunlight, well it’s breathtaking,  [Breaking]
The way Hyperion has fashioned it to you
And as night arrives, You could take it off,
but I’d rather do it for you; Shed the light
Dark as Nyx would have you!
But goddess will have to wait
because in this moment we drink

And now I’m drunk – It’s a wild run!
Though night, I hold to my instinct,
And motion upon motion is forward
This is a raw route, no holds barred
Nobody quits what they really dig;
And as the time floats, summon sun!

Sometimes I Go Driving Just Looking For A Light To Run

Is it fair of you to tell me that you’ll never leave? Is it not until the point that you do; that we realize our fault in using such ignorance to peddle our love. You fucking love me now – You have this now, and I’ve been waiting. This isn’t about timing or making too big of mistakes, it’s about here and now; We are in a tizzy

Sometimes I need to close my eyes until you go away.

She was screaming. I knew this was going to be the way it all turned; I would kill us one day, she said. I would be the death of us. I knew she was in the right – To say that stirred me up, got all my flavors heated. I remember muttering under my breath that night. Drunk, slipping consciousness, drifting in and out – I told her that I might be the one. She wouldn’t hear me that night. I had a chance to tell her later on in a deciding scene for my character; She was so beautiful when she prodded me for what had barely sprouted from my lips. I couldn’t tell her, however that’s not what is important here. I was not of significant dignity to admit it to my own self, yet.

Here I am,
in your arms,
is where I want to be,
hold me close,
give me warmth,
little lady.

I don’t always get around to you. I don’t always show what I should. A lot of the times I hold it all in like a man hunting his survival; Sustenance in mother nature, finger on the trigger, eye barreling down the gun, sights on salvation – as he begins to breathe out ready to claim his days – Revealed is your softness; Fucking hell, there it is in all its’ magnificence – The dawn of a new age, life in the positive direction, like a new born fawn to bless the grounds of our planet. I put my means down, and accept that I have what I need. Perhaps it is okay for me to starve a few desires – Yes, I think it might suffer me some good… So I laid there; Crashed like the wreck of the Hesperus on the reef of Norman’s Woe. It was quiet, the way you would have liked it at one point in time. It was quiet, and all I could think to say was let’s raise children that won’t have to recover from their childhoods. That was a silly dream wasn’t it? But the power it held still keeps me company.


Am I rushing this?
I know I always took it slow,
I’m not capable of policing my own speed like this
Could you please tell me what the posted limit was?

Let’s get this straight; I don’t need any part of you. I’ve got your taste burned into my senses, and can recall it if I ever care to – I won’t look for you anymore. I am the only one in the room, I don’t see you in my peripherals, I don’t ask permission before I take you like Persephone down into the river – I got defensive again. I was a harsh freeze, too cold for you to feel me; Our hands lost their dexterity. I remember one time I was furious, angered, hurting… You guided me down, like the air that slows gravity on a feather, you summoned shields to shelter, you showered me with the deepest soothe for my soul . And just like that it all became smooth. I looked out over the apartment, which was more like a thousand mile gaze into the  expanse that was the universe standing guard at the gate of your soul; Me with nothing in my cup, at the edge of it all and an infinite distance, prepared to make that crossing regardless of the eternities it would take.

Do you see her in any of this? Why do you always ask me that, you know I don’t.
I know you enough to know that despite how hard you’ve tried to hide it; to hide from it is impossible.

Diadem’s Folly – 3

Arisen from my dreaming to such an alarm, I could hear not but my heart; blood running my veins. My guide, she stood still with locking gaze. If one could give silence after such an intimate use of blade then I should expect no word from her barren lips, but the complacency of these waking dreams – I still embrace to the warmth of such a cold chance – She cut her gaze towards East. I presume we are behind and without time. Yet she remains stoically leveled. For reason I could not discern, I sense this disconcerting calm would soon be stirred. She moves and simultaneously I alert to the falling of limbs cracking through the unsettled quiet of the wood. Her hand placed upon the trunk of a massive Wilder tree, not even a flinch as the splinters flew about the air whiffing her hair. Looking upon her demeanor I seem to replicate it. It’s as if every step she takes, every hand placed, works to awaken some great image within me. I feel urged to welcome it.

There is a reason we tread with a hop in our step.

You Should Resist Me For Your Fast – I’ll Temp You Like Low Hanging Wisdom

Is that you pressing all over my flesh?
I’ve got poisons to spill on your dress,
The kind that will brighten up your face,
Nothing but the purest in these veins.

No ruler could convince you of his destiny.
Even the almighty made mistakes,
I could lead you, but I hear you do fine,
Looking at you, I’d be tempted in paradise.

Sold down the river, got my hands up, now shoot.
I like when you bring on your knees to new heights
Got the devil rushing to put on his glasses
Saw you from the roof and had to have you,

I’ll speak in tongues with your legs up in the air,
Just keep moving your hands through my hair
No rush, I need it quick. No love, I want your kiss.
22: If Hammurabi caught me I’d be put to death.

Diadem’s Folly – 2

She’s beautiful. I state it simply because there is no complexity in notion; but her smile. It casts mystery, and with that shadows o’er complexity; as her presence makes certain that she is awakened to some truth to which I am yet asleep. I shant press her to answer, as our silence in travel seems to be such, alluding to my motioning mind, liken to a light which one’s eyes can not catch, yet warmth and fire can be felt, I revel in this flame, as if it is a certainty, one that I know will come to faith if given the life to nourish to a peak and fruit upon my tongue, or hers. But I am brought to water, that she is of few breaths raised for ear. I lose train of thought, and feel as though touched upon shoulder by breath, her voice, but my body is not given sense; only perceived by the consciousness. Her voice resounds the walls of my sanctuary; I can not give word to an infatuation only given life by my vision’s desire to incept a voice as truthful as light. My mind dances between waves of aether and as my body seems free of all physical restraint, I am shattered all at once as I come alert, a body awaken; She, the beauty that has yet to give voice to quench my thirst, has drawn my blood. Awakening me from a calm, my attentiveness required. I pause in hopes of word exchange, none come my way. I perplex of a women who would sink blade to open eye all without pass of one word. To think I’ve not even spoken to raise cause and may too soon have found the bad side of such beautiful flawlessness. My body is once again at calm, but to my observable perception I can conceive no motive from her. She refuses to give me word of our direction all I can gather is East.

I hope you know I could only be here so long,
It may not be enough of me to keep you strong,
but your troubles are not for me to solve
I’m sorry I can’t be the one for you,
I can’t muster the strength for what you must do

You Painted My Face – Now find Me Grateful

It was morning now. It was sunset then. It didn’t matter what time it was. The faint glow of a stretched out sun reaching gently across the sky to touch you there; I touched you there; with warmth – Like laughter and heartbeats pumping the flow through our veins, the cool kiss of the floor on our bare toes kept us in tempo; Yours curled.

The light built temples upon your skin, your lips were the steps. I adorned you like the plumed serpent of El Castillo de Kukulkan, only I climbed up. The gods know your tongue was the lock, decorated like Pandora’s box; And catastrophically mine was the key. With it I lit your mouth like the Midsummer solstice ceremonies; Yours, you allayed the seas – The way the light touched you there; I touched you there…

If a spark was required…Then it was you who inspired the flame that I burned this pyre with; The old world turned to ashes, and as far as I’m concerned through your eyes, like stained glass, shone the only sacraments: Fierceness and certainty – A made up mind. The light danced with you as it peaked above your crown; I made you laugh, and bit your lip; You hailed me king, and gave me a kiss. I held you down to the mortal realm, but our cloud was high.

Just a few more notes played upon the organs; Touched with such warmth, in such light, I truly am at peace. I seeped through the window for a few more moments before I gently fell beyond the horizon. The light touched you there. I touched you there. Forever, I feel you everywhere

How could I not be?
If it weren’t for my patience,
I swear everything would be waiting.

You Can Find Yourself With A Lot Of Time – You Lose Yourself In A Fraction

It frightens me what words can do. I forget where I’ve been. I forget the things I’ve tasted and reasons I’ve bled. I nearly forget who I am; not entirely who I’ve been. It’s wild how many places we’ve seen. The faces I can go back to, and lose myself for an entire night without getting through an eighth – That’s time travel in the only direction it goes.

You have to remember to return; To come back. If you fail to look in the mirror… You lose it – Until you find it again.
– IV

How long has it been? No, I don’t mean since you last looked at the clock.
I want to know how long it has been since you’ve last noticed yourself.
Don’t you know? You are worth realizing; worth sifting from the river’s flow.
We may not be a price one puts on gold, but what is something you can price, other than an item for sale.
You are not bought. You’re discovered. You’re earned. You’re built. You’re realized.

What’s A Curse Without A Kiss

I would have swallowed every last word of mine, never to speak again, had it meant that I could hear your voice; your words cradled within my ears. Pursed upon your lips: a kiss so sweet that even the gods would beg for a taste! A sliver of your mind and Tantalus would die knowing that he could not reach for a thought more beautiful than you. Alas I am cursed, for I held you, and your warmth no longer touches my cheek. But a smile you still do put upon my face for I did hold you, and I did show you my heart – And I do believe that I did hold yours for a time as well.