The Only Thing I’ll Say You SHOULD Do

This is a break from my usual posts: Continue at will.

No one ever told me to believe in myself. What other people thought was always more important. Whenever I asked why I had to do this or that, the only answer I got was, “Because you have to” or “If you don’t people might think this of you.” Do you know what kind of message that sends a child? If you’ve ever said it, you probably haven’t considered it very much. I don’t blame anyone for it because I know when you’re confronted it is such a difficult thing to answer.

No one really has time to explain to a kid ‘out of line’ why he should get back into it & no one intends to hand down any set of problems to an innocent child because it’s easier. Consider this though – When you constantly reinforce that a child has to do something because someone else said so, without any decent reason, what is it we are saying? What is it we are telling the child who is told time and again to consider what other people might think about them? To consider how others might look at them? Do you see what this does?

When you tell a child that they have to constantly worry about how others might think of them you are undermining their self confidence. It tells them that what other people think of you is more important. As the person or persons they look up to the most, you are knocking them down and instilling within them a sense of self inferiority. You are telling them that what they think is not good enough. What they think does not matter. This is frighteningly horrible – Due to this all too common response some of our greatest thinkers and their most beautiful thoughts will forever be trapped in the silence of self doubt.

Hopeless to overcome the prison we unintentionally installed around their minds, they will cry silently until their passion is extinguished; becoming only a shadow of the true brilliance they should have. What’s it like for the kid who has a wildly powerful urge to question and create, but is constantly told to recognize authority, and to get in line? It’s a cold hell darkened by the will to speak and the inability to do so thanks to the fear of inferiority. It is a horrid sentence deserved by none. Yes, it is possible to break free of such incarceration, but not without an indomitable will, a little luck, and vision to realize they hold the key – Which is hard to be sure of when shackled in self doubt.

I know not every kid asks these questions unabashed. The ones who do though, need a real answer. The defiant rebels standing proud, and revolutionaries thinking outside the box – They deserve respect.

The only thing I’ll say you should do is lift others up. Speak and listen in a way which communicates to others that what they have to say does matter!

As for the the little rebels and revolutionaries; Reinforce that their intuitions, and beautiful energy matters; It makes the difference – Even if it means they have to practice greater patience in tolerating and working with the system they were born into; That just because the education system and socially constructed environment is inadequate to provide them with the proper resources and know how to actualize themselves; You will teach them the value of their existence and their thoughts – You should believe in yourself


​I always enjoyed creating as a kid, but never knew it was within my reach to do anything with it because I was never encouraged – After quite some time I worked to overcome this lack of self confidence and have reignited my love of getting deep into my senses and letting spill out the creative river I kept damned up far too long. With that being said I’d like to ask those of you who made it this far to take a look at this page I set up at Patreon.