Sometimes I Go Driving Just Looking For A Light To Run

Is it fair of you to tell me that you’ll never leave? Is it not until the point that you do; that we realize our fault in using such ignorance to peddle our love. You fucking love me now – You have this now, and I’ve been waiting. This isn’t about timing or making too big of mistakes, it’s about here and now; We are in a tizzy

Sometimes I need to close my eyes until you go away.

She was screaming. I knew this was going to be the way it all turned; I would kill us one day, she said. I would be the death of us. I knew she was in the right – To say that stirred me up, got all my flavors heated. I remember muttering under my breath that night. Drunk, slipping consciousness, drifting in and out – I told her that I might be the one. She wouldn’t hear me that night. I had a chance to tell her later on in a deciding scene for my character; She was so beautiful when she prodded me for what had barely sprouted from my lips. I couldn’t tell her, however that’s not what is important here. I was not of significant dignity to admit it to my own self, yet.

Here I am,
in your arms,
is where I want to be,
hold me close,
give me warmth,
little lady.

I don’t always get around to you. I don’t always show what I should. A lot of the times I hold it all in like a man hunting his survival; Sustenance in mother nature, finger on the trigger, eye barreling down the gun, sights on salvation – as he begins to breathe out ready to claim his days – Revealed is your softness; Fucking hell, there it is in all its’ magnificence – The dawn of a new age, life in the positive direction, like a new born fawn to bless the grounds of our planet. I put my means down, and accept that I have what I need. Perhaps it is okay for me to starve a few desires – Yes, I think it might suffer me some good… So I laid there; Crashed like the wreck of the Hesperus on the reef of Norman’s Woe. It was quiet, the way you would have liked it at one point in time. It was quiet, and all I could think to say was let’s raise children that won’t have to recover from their childhoods. That was a silly dream wasn’t it? But the power it held still keeps me company.


Am I rushing this?
I know I always took it slow,
I’m not capable of policing my own speed like this
Could you please tell me what the posted limit was?

Let’s get this straight; I don’t need any part of you. I’ve got your taste burned into my senses, and can recall it if I ever care to – I won’t look for you anymore. I am the only one in the room, I don’t see you in my peripherals, I don’t ask permission before I take you like Persephone down into the river – I got defensive again. I was a harsh freeze, too cold for you to feel me; Our hands lost their dexterity. I remember one time I was furious, angered, hurting… You guided me down, like the air that slows gravity on a feather, you summoned shields to shelter, you showered me with the deepest soothe for my soul . And just like that it all became smooth. I looked out over the apartment, which was more like a thousand mile gaze into the  expanse that was the universe standing guard at the gate of your soul; Me with nothing in my cup, at the edge of it all and an infinite distance, prepared to make that crossing regardless of the eternities it would take.

Do you see her in any of this? Why do you always ask me that, you know I don’t.
I know you enough to know that despite how hard you’ve tried to hide it; to hide from it is impossible.