You Are The Goddess – I Will Be What I Can

You are the goddess of your calm and storm.
You deserve the world gilded:
yet you don’t want the treasure
for you possess more in value; it’s all within you!
Great spirit, greater than all the tyrants of history
have ever thieved from their own

That is to say, goddess you are a giver.
You will give until the infinite river runs dry,
and that is eternal for your nature will never lie.
– IV

Yeah maybe you’ll never see her again, but let me ask you this…
When life gets busy how often do you remember to look up at the sky?
How often are you reminded that you are a part of it all? Exactly.
You forget, and just as easily as the stars fade from your sight;
So does this.

Always though, regardless of how long it takes, we come back to the stars.
We look up at some point and think, “Damn, sure is beautiful.”
You don’t cry because you look up at the stars. You smile.
You smile hard. Then you go back to living. It’s beautiful – We’re always the stars.

The Simple Things that Always

I want to date a girl who loves to read so at the end of each day I can lay exhausted on the bed and listen to her go on and on about how incredible her book is.

I want to see each bit of anticipation running off that lit up face, and washing over mine as she raises me from the dead with her enthusiasm – Read to me so I can hear your beautiful mind’s imagination lift your voice; The way it elevates when I surprise us both with how sweet life can be.
– IV

Please read it again. I just want to hear your voice mellifluously
roll over these words until I have become the earth once more.

Letters For The Sunrise

You’ve been feeling it for so long now; for these arms of an equal to hold you close in the deep hours of your mind’s turning of the pages. You’ve laboured hard upon your works and have built so much beauty.

You are deserving of that which you seek, appreciation for you are wondrous in your giving, attention because you draw the bow of the Sun and place the moon in the sky, and affection as you are the warmth that nurtures each morning from it’s cozy slumbering. You have braved the long nights, and still you find strength to rise, to give the day more than the light. You breathe and inspire the winds to flight, carrying the birds on their harrowing dives. Aloft on your air are the petals that awaken me to your existence, your becoming, as I shall meet you – and together we will build the altar upon which our love will be birthed anew each day.

Our love, like the Phoenix, will combust and burn to ash, to be reborn in soaring flame. Like the peaceful warrior holds his calm in times of adversity – You will be cherished. Balanced like the crane wholeheartedly; body of blossoms, mind of the infinite, soul of eternity.
– IV

These could be the moments we live.
I’ve breathed you deep, So take me in,

A Meeting

She moved to me softly
Kisses blushed her skin,
Her words were lost;
My heart knew where she was
Adamantly in Love

She’s a Queen. Her blood is royalty
Not knowing you’re a King is no excuse
to act as a poor one would.
It’s no excuse to not recognize her worth

It’s there in her smile,
That childlike curiosity
When she discovers your light
When you two brighten the shadows
And coronate your souls