Close To The Edge A Man Will Make His Choice

It’s probably morning now where you are. And I know there are breezes confused with whispers, perhaps it isn’t wisdom to leave no feeling leashed; Coming down is the hardest thing after all when you have no wings. None practical! What is this contortion of speech, could it be honest craft? Let it be left at this: May you not shake in presence of those who must see you as the pillars of what you stand for.

And It’s silly of me because I’m talking to myself again. As I make these high risk decisions with nothing more than a craft cocktail imbibed – Hell I don’t shake an ounce – The drink is stirred of course, but I’m talking about my tolerance for danger

There would be times we’d drink, and she’d start speaking her language; Her language was people. When she’d speak it she was this light; Warm, she became bliss. She would revel in my arms knowing nothing but bliss. At rest in close propinquity to my chest, I’d place a kiss upon her forehead. That was my language – I stopped speaking it.

And I guess I can flashback – Well what’s the furthest you’ve ever driven with your eyes closed?  I’ve counted to ten. –
She’d smack me saying, “You’re going to kill us one of these days.” I always knew I would be the one to kill us. Everyone knew,

I’m not quite sure how to explain this. It’s surely love, but not like I ever imagined. Maybe that’s because love can’t really be imagined the same way we are able to feel it. I can go days living and never worry that I’ve missed a thing. When enough time has passed we come to each other; With all the learnings of the days gone by; You kiss me with intrigue – A constantly shifting river flowing from the one and only source. It can be summed up only like this; If you know how to love, you’ll never run out.

At least that is how it should have been – We’re human though – We aim to be gods, and on our own we have a shot; Together it seems we fall short in communicating visions. When all reason says we should be able to do more in unison – We do less. Even if we build the tower higher… Have we gone further? This could be the wrong direction. I know me though – Here talking to myself again before I take this risk always trying to understand your voice in case you might convince me – You know me though.