Quotes for Quenching 28

“Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine.”

Well isn’t this just the place to be right now. I’ve got a lighter that doesn’t work, and nothing to burn anyways so there isn’t any reason to be worried about bad habits. He laughed and decided to play a real slow tune that turned real introspective. At about this time she walked in. Up until this point, you’ve all been biting your tongue about how this all started, where it all began. Well my memory is corrupt with dreams, and the records were never kept well so I can’t tell you with complete honesty. This may be a good place to mark as one of the beginnings though

Have you ever thought where did the time go?
Have you claimed there was no way that was only ten minutes?
Swore more than a quarter, more than a half had passed?
Yet here you are scratching your head like time has stood still.
And all the while you freeze, whoever has done it is staring up at you.
This is not magic, but it is weird – As soon as you move to act
It becomes divine comedy
You want it to slow back down to a crawl,
but it speeds ahead faster than you can register.
You’ve had your first laugh, your last kiss,
and everything in between all in the span of a drink – or was it two?

And let me guess Mr. … You’re a salesman.
Hardly do I want to sell you anything
A humanitarian?
Don’t rope me in with them.
You don’t want the best for people?
Depends on what people you’re referring to.
The two persons engaged in exchange.
And what is it we happen to be exchanging?
Well it certainly isn’t possessions or the local currency.
Then smiles it is.
You want to make me laugh don’t you?
I wouldn’t say I want to make you do a thing.
But you would like to see me enjoying myself.
I think that would be something I could get behind
Good. It was nice speaking with you, sir, I hope you have a grand evening.
Wait,  where are you going?
Are you trying to follow me? She smiled and turned to go.
No, I just wasn’t expecting –
Anything. You shouldn’t expect anything.
I shouldn’t expect anything you’re absolutely right

The barkeep smirked as our focus watched her leave the place.
Our man turned back to the bar and decided it was time to part.
So soon? asked the keeper. So soon? The night must be at end!
You only got here at half passed six. Half passed six it’s nearly..
Well would you look at that – A peculiar occurrence has taken me.

My watch stopped. “He cheated again,” said the man in the gallery.

Quotes for Quenching – 27 – On Daring

“For me, exploration was a personal venture.
I did not go to the Arabian Desert to collect plants nor to make a map;
such things were incidental. At heart I knew that to write or even to talk of
my travels was to tarnish the achievement.
I went there to find peace in the hardship of desert travel and
the company of desert peoples…It is not the goal but the way there that matters,
and the harder the way the more worthwhile the journey.” —Wilfred Thesiger

I won’t speak of the things I’m doing – I’ll leave it at a few deep breaths.
Much adversity lies ahead, and that’s okay because I’ve got a good head.

Savoir faire – This is me. I can produce what you need in any occasion.
You need a story to lift your spirits higher than what you’re drinking?
I will go into the heart of darkness to retrieve it from the maws of chaos.
Not far enough for you? Not daring enough? I will close my eyes
And walk across the universe – When I return I’ll tell you what I saw.

I know that eudemonia lies in wait at the end of this heady path,
Sometimes we’re going forward, other times around and then back;
No worries we’re going exactly where we must to carve our way.
Pick up your andreia; Polish it, you’ll wear it with your chest proud.
Do not run from what you know is true in your heart,
do not hide what you know with what you feel – This is sin qua non!
Keep desire in step with thumos – To the best of your skill let them run.

Well Balanced Between the Two Poles – A Good Place to Lay

I know you’ve been looking. This is human nature, you are nature

I’m always getting mixed up and finding myself on the second floor – The first is where all the magic happened to get carried away; Before anyone registers it, we’ve already walked halfway up the stairs, and no names have been spoken. It’s a few heavy breaths as sweat travels down the bridge of your nose and splashes on her cheek. No one wants to be vulnerable, no one wants to show their whole hand, until everything is going over the edge and your running out of grip to pull – You know that feeling of being out of time? You look at the clock once or twice and admit, there is no more to run out the hourglass for this one. It’s okay to take time to break; Give it a rest, and when you are bottomless turn it over and have another go.

I’ll lay quiet, it’s always quiet – I do declare, a sacred grove;
In which to grow; a well intentioned spot to sow these seeds,
Of all my intelligences that have yet to bear fruits to reality
From dirt to lead, from lead to gold, from gold to flourishing forest.
There comes a time in every lull to give voice to break the silence.

You want to be the Willow, but today you must be the Oak – In time you will be the Redwood

Wine Is Like A Tide Upon The Shore, and So Are We

Wine hits the tongue like waves on the shore,
Some crash harder than others when they strike our senses.

It was a very gorgeous taste; As if the wine had been cultivated to sit comfortably in the crevices around the buds – To give you that smooth warmth; Trained to sweetly kiss your palette after the right amount of milliseconds passed, and then jolt you back with a bite before dissolving with your enzymes. That’s not where you let it settle into you though. It was the way it paired with her laugh, her electric cool. Together they sat with you like the question, “How long can you hold a flavor on the tongue before you must have it again?” When the bottle was empty, seconds ticked by and no matter how resolved of an attempt of will to remain, regardless of all the repose in the world, it faded to dust – It’s like the feeling you get when the Sun comes up and you don’t quite recall falling to sleep or even going home – Not that it disturbs you, but you can’t help but feel a tad haunted by the whole experience.

Storms stir and calm, often reshaping the entire face of a coastline.
I like the way you dance between the two subjects effortlessly.

I had found another bottle years later; Or maybe I had saved one if ever there was an occasion; Whatever the case, I never got another drop. That evening I had been carrying it with me in my overnight – A few other drinks loosed my focus – When I dropped my duffel I heard it shatter. In disbelief, I reached in and ended up pulling out a few cuts. Seeing it all soaked into my favorite clothes, I laughed and thought it appropriate that at least something close to me got to get intimate with that beauty once more. I could have rushed to take one last sip from the jagged remnants of the bottle. I could have wrung some out of a sweater, surely enough to stretch myself across those memories one last time. I didn’t. I poured myself something harsher, maybe one of those small batch whiskey’s I once liked. I reasoned it better to keep in line with reality than chase ghosts. Time kept running so I had another. In my head I drifted across the water. So this is why they call it spirits.

To really taste something is to take a profound dive into your own fire

Quotes for Quenching – 26

“Men always want to be a woman’s first love; women like to be a man’s last romance.” —Oscar Wilde

I told her she best assure herself that nails will be enough,
Because a lock on the casket would never keep me inside
Of course we both laugh because if they were to close it,
I probably would be too late to the event to actually be inside
She told me to just bury everything, knowing I’m too busy;
Too busy to ever have the time to sort out who gets what.
She likes it that way, knowing that no one else will have it
Sure they might get pieces, but they will never get all of it.
I’m always laughing because there never really was much.

A woman’s voice crosses the empty floor space of a dim room,
“His passion was everything. It ran deep, cut hard through rock,
and penetrated me like a .357 revolver.”

Who are you telling?

I always told her she was the desert oasis, sheltering – but elusive.
And without its gifts, impending doom out in the heat would be less bearable

Reveal yourself only to those who cross the sands

To him I was that endless flow after you’d gone dry too long;
And although you’re desiccated,
If one drop could be squeezed from you;
It’s me – the only material fluid still in you – A drink of me

Quotes for Quenching – 24

“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?” – Rumi

And how long? Don’t give me that fool’s gold. How long has it been?

I haven’t been paying much mind of late.

You know it has been a long time.

Can’t you ever leave that silly concept out of this?

And leave out a few of the colors?

You Know that’s not what I meant.

Whether you go by foot, horseback, water, motor or fly, when you step out it’s still goodbye – You make that choice to not be, since your body is there and not here. Even though the age and times have changed, the reality is not any different. We come and go into and out of existences often overlooking the one we should consider deepest.

If you want to stay quiet, you stay quiet – I have things to say though. Now go ahead and let the tea brew how we both like it; Seeped long; If it happens to still be hot when we get to it, we’ll dig the sting.

Quotes for Quenching – 21

Art is long, life is short.—Goethe

Spend a lot of time on the floor of the ocean,
looking for pearls so that I can throw them back in – Did you read that one?

If it can’t be read, then it can’t be wrong.
But how well does that get the message along?
I’m sad, and life believes me.
I’m hungry, and art feeds me.
I’ve taken my time and one glimpse should be convincing.
You start listening to yourself, and you feel invincible.
If the vibes grow distant, maybe you should change position.

Hard to hear on the bottom of the ocean,
At least it’s calm unlike most of the surface.
How much did you swallow before you realized the objective;
To open your eyes and not your mouth
Isn’t that a funny twist on life?
To survive, always be looking out;
To live, look in the place where the eyes don’t step

And to them both, I intend to draw them out to the perfect moment,

The Last Knights

“Not all things worth doing make men rich,
But all things worth doing make rich men.” – IV

I’ve allowed complacency to sink in. I won’t pretend I did not see it coming. I was not immune to the great sickness that has plagued us. Resistant, Yes. The ugly truth though is that my resistance only served to magnify the eventual depths to which I fell ill. As I walked around infected it began to seep into my well; deeper and deeper. Drinking of the poisonous milk as it slowly grew more potent hid the corrosion from my observations. The rooms grew darker, the lights fainter, and all along I thought I was still glimpsing the sun.

Early on I could feel the dichotomy that existed within me rage and erupt like the surface of our Sun – Much like the tumultuous currents that roared beneath, I knew no peace. It wasn’t that I was intentionally destroying what I had created, no, I needed more observation of the two interacting and giving way in order to captain with the ideal philosophy. If it took me a bit of time to be certain in my heading, then so be the course.

Have you ever put out a fire with nothing but the air in your lungs?
You have to hold a long time, ignoring all the signals, against all those inhibitions.

Many rights and wrongs occurred before I grasped the philosophy of life I felt beating between my flesh and spirit. Too great an ascendancy of either meant a tearing pain, since the two could never really be severed as long as I lived; And since I endured to live while I was present, I scored greatest in balancing the dimensionless with the physical. In the moment, they meet cheek to cheek; yet as often as one is permitted to gallop, so is the other. In short, I have small regard for the absolute rock or for the absolute feather because neither have stretched out a hand to other out fear of what they might become.

If you’re scared to be hard, then you will only bring suffering, if you are scared to be soft, you will only break

And I hope you understand that when we talk about nights it isn’t just the time of day that takes place when the sun isn’t out. It’s a much darker place than the evening you spend reading and writing books with a little smoke in your lungs. It’s the kind of lightless you lose things in, things you tied to your fingers. You’re going to need your fingers to feel around when you get here.

We are the ones we are waiting for

The Only Thing I’ll Say You SHOULD Do

This is a break from my usual posts: Continue at will.

No one ever told me to believe in myself. What other people thought was always more important. Whenever I asked why I had to do this or that, the only answer I got was, “Because you have to” or “If you don’t people might think this of you.” Do you know what kind of message that sends a child? If you’ve ever said it, you probably haven’t considered it very much. I don’t blame anyone for it because I know when you’re confronted it is such a difficult thing to answer.

No one really has time to explain to a kid ‘out of line’ why he should get back into it & no one intends to hand down any set of problems to an innocent child because it’s easier. Consider this though – When you constantly reinforce that a child has to do something because someone else said so, without any decent reason, what is it we are saying? What is it we are telling the child who is told time and again to consider what other people might think about them? To consider how others might look at them? Do you see what this does?

When you tell a child that they have to constantly worry about how others might think of them you are undermining their self confidence. It tells them that what other people think of you is more important. As the person or persons they look up to the most, you are knocking them down and instilling within them a sense of self inferiority. You are telling them that what they think is not good enough. What they think does not matter. This is frighteningly horrible – Due to this all too common response some of our greatest thinkers and their most beautiful thoughts will forever be trapped in the silence of self doubt.

Hopeless to overcome the prison we unintentionally installed around their minds, they will cry silently until their passion is extinguished; becoming only a shadow of the true brilliance they should have. What’s it like for the kid who has a wildly powerful urge to question and create, but is constantly told to recognize authority, and to get in line? It’s a cold hell darkened by the will to speak and the inability to do so thanks to the fear of inferiority. It is a horrid sentence deserved by none. Yes, it is possible to break free of such incarceration, but not without an indomitable will, a little luck, and vision to realize they hold the key – Which is hard to be sure of when shackled in self doubt.

I know not every kid asks these questions unabashed. The ones who do though, need a real answer. The defiant rebels standing proud, and revolutionaries thinking outside the box – They deserve respect.

The only thing I’ll say you should do is lift others up. Speak and listen in a way which communicates to others that what they have to say does matter!

As for the the little rebels and revolutionaries; Reinforce that their intuitions, and beautiful energy matters; It makes the difference – Even if it means they have to practice greater patience in tolerating and working with the system they were born into; That just because the education system and socially constructed environment is inadequate to provide them with the proper resources and know how to actualize themselves; You will teach them the value of their existence and their thoughts – You should believe in yourself


​I always enjoyed creating as a kid, but never knew it was within my reach to do anything with it because I was never encouraged – After quite some time I worked to overcome this lack of self confidence and have reignited my love of getting deep into my senses and letting spill out the creative river I kept damned up far too long. With that being said I’d like to ask those of you who made it this far to take a look at this page I set up at Patreon.


The Ones Without Wings

Don’t forget the little things that you deem lowly

They’re so good at what they do. I just want to sit and hang out with the worms while they eat their breakfast with us.
You ought to give thanks to those who do so much for you – It might not seem all that much, but it is everything.

Lay and dream in moments of plenty,
Plenty of work to do, and beds to make
Here in the sunshine it’s still dark below;
With or without light there are gifts to sow

So long, enough I have enjoyed comfort
Now to get to the heart of this summer
Pierced by being just the right time to tick by
You all know as well as I the morning’s sigh

Yes, me and the evening go way back –
We’ve been known to take a few shots,
I wouldn’t call us guns blazing, but we’re hot
Back to back we greeted the crack of dawn
Took a shallow breath and said our goodbyes
Put our guns down and let Sun rise

Yet somehow we both made it out on the other side
And every now and again we joke about it;
Doesn’t much like the name I came up with,
but High noon works just fine, and we both laugh.

Call us lazy, but we are doing so much to make sure that the cogs in your machine have something worth turning for.