A Real Feeling

Sometimes the only thing that makes writing good, is the honesty.

At the end of a slow crawl of a lonely day,
the nicest bit might be the cold burgers in the fridge,
and the clean unused plate set out next to the dirty one.

For me? I guess it doesn’t matter.. but I took it as a nice gesture

The Ones Without Wings

Don’t forget the little things that you deem lowly

They’re so good at what they do. I just want to sit and hang out with the worms while they eat their breakfast with us.
You ought to give thanks to those who do so much for you – It might not seem all that much, but it is everything.

Lay and dream in moments of plenty,
Plenty of work to do, and beds to make
Here in the sunshine it’s still dark below;
With or without light there are gifts to sow

So long, enough I have enjoyed comfort
Now to get to the heart of this summer
Pierced by being just the right time to tick by
You all know as well as I the morning’s sigh

Yes, me and the evening go way back –
We’ve been known to take a few shots,
I wouldn’t call us guns blazing, but we’re hot
Back to back we greeted the crack of dawn
Took a shallow breath and said our goodbyes
Put our guns down and let Sun rise

Yet somehow we both made it out on the other side
And every now and again we joke about it;
Doesn’t much like the name I came up with,
but High noon works just fine, and we both laugh.

Call us lazy, but we are doing so much to make sure that the cogs in your machine have something worth turning for.