Hold Yourself Something

I didn’t ask for this. I don’t tend to ask for anything. I’m just ruined when you give me something new. I’m coming undone and it’s so soon. Sights and touch I didn’t know one could have – My imagination was never that profound.

So here I am, to return what has come to me, to breathe life from what the trees have gifted me, and sing song till there is no wind to float a tune or ocean to sink into. If you would strike a note I should hear you, feel the pulls of your body – a beautiful gravity, waves crashing over me. This I see
– IV

Life is meant to move at a pace that tests our reflexes.
Always on the move, we must be quick. Timing is everything.
You want to find the sweet spot. Agile, but not rushed.
Constantly aware and in control of your decisions and actions

I could write endless, but what would then matter outside of us.