The Things Within

She’ll never love me like the heart of conflict. The smooth glide of her disposition into a foe’s viscerals; how will I reconcile my heart’s mournful state with what I know to be required of me?

“Don’t be static.”
In this dynamic universe all those who simply exist are vanquished.
Only those who become, truly live.

Poetry, as with anything, is earned through hard work.
No, nothing is created by suns alone. Natural genius and talent are inefficient to produce.

It takes struggle and grit to hone a masterpiece.

Are you a masterpiece?

Will you become?

Let’s go for it. – IV

32 thoughts on “The Things Within

  1. This poem comes from within the poem it’s self. Best Wishes Ray.


  2. JoelF says:

    Love the style on how this poem was written, so beautiful.

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  3. You have a very different style from others that I have seen so far. and those sketches are beautiful.

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  4. You have a gift, and I’m so glad that you are putting it out there so that people like me who scrape the words off the inside of our souls and tap them into reality know that we’re not alone.

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    • I really appreciate this feedback Virginia. It means a lot to hear you experience so much through my words! I hope you continue to pull from within every bit of juice and nourish reality with it… I’m fairly new to this blogging thing 😉 but this assures me I’m doing alright


  5. C.C. says:

    You have an incredibly moving way with words….such an authentic voice that speaks with such deep emotion and your artwork is gorgeous. I’d say your experiment is working 😉

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  6. Matthew James says:

    Poetry comes from different places for different people. I know for myself that poetry comes from a deep place formed by intense, difficult and even painful experiences. The dirt and grit of living, not simply observing from a distance. Living life on the front line, rather than from behind the line. Now, as age has come to slow me down, my poetry is expressed, much like a memoir as well as from continuing to live an intense life where passion explodes when least expected.

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  7. I admit that I only read to part IV of your ‘Empty Forms II’ which I thoroughly enjoyed. I could totally relate to it as I’ve had academics tell me certain things which they thought would make my writing have more of an impact. Of course I don’t care for their opinion because as you say, “Who the fuck do you think you are, you really know what I want to say: fucker, you’re not inside my head!” I apologize I read a lot in between working and I don’t always have time to make comments. I do make my best effort to leave several comments a day though to encourage everyone as they do a great deal making a point for me.

    Going back now I’ve read through to ‘The Show’ and I hope you made it because of me 😉 I love to know I’ve inspired something, anything in someone. Even if it is unintentionally not positive (I hope I’m not responsible for how someone chooses to interpret something I don’t do) And yes I was able to read it at the pace I did :). Practice speed reading when at the office ha. I hope you don’t harbor any hard feelings. I will try to do better by engaging more with you from now on!


    • A Voice says:

      ‘Empty Forms II’ is meant to be read in its entirety, or, at least, not with later sections read first as it is a narrative and context is lost when read in such a fashion. The section that you read and quote is taken quite out of context in that it’s an inappropriate, aggressive reaction to the speaker’s good-natured criticism.

      That said, I don’t harbour any ill feelings at all and, especially after reading your comment below, don’t feel like you need to engage me more or at all. I understand that people are busy and it’s not always possible or even reasonable to think that someone will be able to leave any comment at all on any given entry or entries. However, it stands to reason that after they take the minimal effort to ‘like’ several things they will at some point make the greater effort to actually leave a comment.

      This is what I was talking about. Your second response, that I expect someone to take time beyond ‘liking’ an entry to say why when I have not first read something of their own strikes me as remarkably inappropriate and I’ll just leave it at that. You can feel free to respond to this, of course, as its your site and it’s not right of me to try to have the last word in your own house as it were, but do know that I won’t respond and please try to understand why.


  8. It seems you have attracted the attention of an eloquent troll!! Keep doing what you’re doing. I’ve been completely enjoying your posts. I do not comment on every post I like, or to everyone who likes one of my posts. It doesn’t seem necessary. Have a great evening!

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  9. I want to apologize for my last response. I may be a tad bit tense from working 16.5 hours Monday into Tuesday morning, and then waking up at 830 after four hours of sleep to repeat. It is no excuse for how I acted, but I want to let you know that I did read them in order. I just did not read through to the end which I suppose I did not understand the piece as a collection meant to be read in its entirety through.

    I didn’t mean to take those lines out of context. I was only explaining that for me I at one point had a reaction similar to that towards people’s intent to help me improve. I did eventually become less stubborn and appreciate what they offered me.

    I understood the parts more as sections, when I see now you intended them to be a collection that made up the whole. That was a poor assumption on my part and will not begin to read such a post unless I plan to through to the end to give fair respect for what is presented.

    I just got upset that you made an assumption that I would not have at some point made it a point to engage your page.

    I regret that because of my actions you no longer think that I should engage you at all. I would like you to know that I have enjoyed what you’ve put forth.

    I wanted to discuss your opinion on pictures with writing at some point, but I didn’t feel I was ready to engage with you on it mainly because I often spill things out before having thought them entirely through. Vetting afterwards or during conversation. Given your philosophical background you would potentially find that unappealing.

    We’re different creatures. I do think we could learn a lot from each other… or I from you.

    That being said, perhaps at some point you would consider discussing the pictures with writing? I believe I am working on the third ‘more unlikely’ type (sorry if paraphrasing isn’t accurate) and would appreciate your opinion.


  10. rushvijain says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, the like and most importantly introducing me to your blog. I am glad I stumbled upon yours, along with a word delight yours is a visual delight too because of those amazing sketches! 😀
    Much Love

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  11. Nomzi Kumalo says:

    A wonderful and uplifting challenge. 🙂

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  12. OldenGray says:

    We can for sure move ahead with questions. Nations are built on questions so it seems you are on the right track. Nicely penned.

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