Wisdom of Grace

“I guess dirt is a good foundation for Green”
– Grace, On what comes before

Do not underestimate the power
of letting a fellow traveler
examine closely your thoughts;
the exchange of words in the old fashion.
Speak beautifully, construct the response,
and fear not being misunderstood.
The travel of two is always a blessing
to the journey — Like a fixed star,
these moments gift to your voice
some sort of guide along the road — Something to bounce ideas off of even if they don’t come back right away.  Internally, perspective stirs the concepts, it stokes the flame; feeding it when you thought you might be on your last log

Share the tastes, and pangs of life.
Even if it is dirt, you can both agree on that.
And what’s more, when it isn’t dirt…
you’ve both got something of a shared celebration!


4 thoughts on “Wisdom of Grace

  1. I like the idea of perspective stoking the flame. You’re right. Nothing is more elemental to discovering and comprehending than dying to ourselves everyday.

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    • In my younger days I thought I had it all figured out, that I could live that one life without error and achieve it all. Thankfully I failed – blessed to have crumbled time after time to my own desires and hopes, and on the swords of others with stronger frames. What more will my next death teach me? Only after rising will we have any idea.

      I am glad you liked that part 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by,
      it is much appreciated!


  2. Do read my post titled “The Irony of Death”. See the nexus.

    Great writing by the way.

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  3. Companionship is the real reason we all keep hanging on. Loneliness and longevity don’t mix, according to a number of studies.

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