Times the Quiet Soothes

There are times I should speak,
but often the feel of silence in
your presence is enough for me.
Be this time for words though I shall proudly say

We all start out blank,
Pristine as a white rose,
and by our shared experiences
and garnered appreciations,
fill with color as varied and vivid
as the hearts and minds of those we love
And this does little to illuminate
the color you have warmed and awakened in me.

4 thoughts on “Times the Quiet Soothes

  1. Begin Again says:

    This is a perfect expression of love and gratitude. Beautiful as always.



  2. Begin Again says:

    Yes too bad.


  3. Begin Again says:

    My response lacked compassion and I apologize.
    I didn’t know how to respond at that time. It remains the perfect expression of love and gratitude. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art.


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