Rose A Day – 22

I’ll take what’s in the mirror,
I’ll be your pool, throw in me whatever you wish,
I will swallow your confusion and give light to that I can.
– IV

You are incredible. Magnificent. You are the universe. That’s right. You make it up just as much as anyone/anything else. You see what you look for. Everything I see is beautiful. I’m doing all in my mind’s power to see what could be, and make it so. I’ll take anything and do my best to make it what it deserves to become.

That’s what you have to do. You can’t sit there and say, “I just don’t see what I want.” You can see anything you’d like with your mind! So why not do that? Instead of dreading what you don’t want to see, shift your sight to what you do want to see. Start envisioning it now. Then figure out what must be done, and start taking steps in that direction.

This is what it means to be a creator. You decide that you can no longer contain the urge to make something. It compels you to act! I drew with my left hand today. It took a little more focus, but it came out wonderful. Why is that? I made sure to envision where I wanted to go. I knew what I was looking to do. So even if I wasn’t completely in my element, I was prepared and committed to accomplish what I set out towards. The result? This beautiful rose. I imagine some tiny new connections were created in my brain too!

Try something out of your element tomorrow. Tonight even, if you still think you can make the time. Surprise yourself with whatever you do. Find the joy in taking these steps. I assure you good things are coming.


Did you do your best today? Tomorrow is a new day to go at it again.
I know it’s not simple or easy, but it can be done. Remember to smile!

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